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Jul 1, 2007

Just another reason to own gold bullion!

Check out this e-mail I've received from BullionVault. It contains a pdf document that I found extremely interesting. Read it and marvel at just how the financial system you trust really works! For me this is just another reason to feel better about my ownership of gold bullion.

Dear BullionVault user,

I'm sure you've read about the problems at Bear Stearns, the major
investment bank.

Two of its hedge funds have hit the skids after investing in a heap of
alphabet soup known as MBS, CDS and CDOs.

I wanted to find out quite what was going on here, and quite what
risks might be.

If you'd like to learn more, you can now download our full report by
clicking on this link:

Kind regards,
Paul Tustain

P.S: It's a rather long PDF file, which you may want to print out! If
need the Acrobat software to open it, you'll find it freely available


Dale Mazurek said...

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Thanks Dale

Alan V said...

Thanks Dale! I really appreciate the comment and I am glad to hear that you found my blog interesting and useful to you. I am advertising the blog, but honestly I am not going all out as I don't have much spare time these days. I'd appreciate if you let your friend know about my blog though. As you can see I keep it fairly up-to-date and I am sure you and others can appreciate the usefulness of the information that I provide. Now if I may ask you, what type of info you'd best like to see on my blog? Affiliate program? MLM? etc Let me know by e-mailing me at I am always glad to hear from my readers.