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Jul 24, 2007

Liberty Reserve - Interview with Mr. Joul Lee pt.2

(Q) Who would you consider to be your main competition and why?

There is no system quite like Liberty Reserve, which combines superior account privacy, excellent political jurisdiction, irrevocable payments, and state of the art security.

(Q) Are there any limits to how much money I can fund into a Liberty Reserve account? Are there any limits to the volume of transactions clients can perform?

There are no limits for regular accounts. However, because there are certain financial freedom restricting laws that passed or are contemplated in countries such as Australia and the United States, Liberty Reserve may, in some way, limit the volume, balance, or certain privileges (such as ability to gamble) of accounts of clients in those countries. Any such changes would, of course, be announced in advance, and at no time would Liberty Reserve freeze the value in any account for any reason except receipt of a legitimate court order.

(Q) Your information states that customer accounts all times 100% backed by U.S. dollars for LR-USD accounts and gold bullion for LR-gold accounts? Do you offer any audited balance information or do you have future plans to show monthly or quarterly how much is in the vault?

In the near future, Liberty Reserve will publish an independent accountant’s report, verifying the aggregate value Liberty Reserve’s assets held in trust for its customers, and matching that information to the total balances in Liberty Reserve accounts. This will occur without even the accountant knowing personal information in the accounts, only the balances.

(Q) How long has Liberty Reserve been a member of the GDCA and why do you feel that is important?

The Global Digital Currencies Association - - is the only industry watchdog that consists of voluntary members that agree to be bound by GDCA decisions during arbitration with customers and it allows customers to file complaints against members (and non-members for that matter). We are happy to say that we have no unresolved complaints at the GDCA.

(Q) I am now using Moneybookers and e-gold to accept client funds. Why should I try out or switch to Liberty Reserve?

Liberty Reserve is a true digital currency, completely outside of the United States and other countries that restrict personal financial freedom, including Liberty Reserve’s servers. e-gold cannot say that, and we see, in recent events, where that led to. As for Moneybookers, they are not a true digital currency because they do not allow, like PayPal, the free exchange of their “currency” with other digital currencies, and, like PayPal, they freeze accounts without any court order. This I can tell you from my own experience and the experience of others. Liberty Reserve is also a long-time member of the Global Digital Currencies Association, an industry watchdog that ensures that customers do not get cheated and allows users to file complaints and request arbitration.

(Q) Do you maintain any sort of directory displaying Liberty Reserve businesses and helping to promote agents and companies which currently accept Liberty Reserve?

Liberty Reserve actively seeks to promote any legitimate merchant that accepts Liberty Reserve. We have a directory where merchants that bear our logo may request to be listed.

(Q) Where is the server located housing the Liberty Reserve web site.

There is more than one site for the Liberty Reserve servers. One place is in Europe, the other location is secret.

(Q) How do your account and transaction fees compare with the competition?

Liberty Reserve has a maximum transfer fee of 25 cents ($0.25). For funding and outexchanges, the fees are set by the independent exchange providers. Currently, though, even the 25 cent fee is waived, so all internal transfers are free.

(Q) Opening an account I know is free at Liberty Reserve. How much does it cost in fees to operate the account and transact business?

The best way to answer this question is to give an example. We have a customer,, who agreed in advance to be mentioned here (and commensurate with our strategy to promote our merchants). They have been a Liberty Reserve client for years. They sell mostly electronics and other popular goods on the internet. They used to accept credit cards for a short while, which cost them about $500 per month based on their volume, plus another $1,000.00 or so in fraudulent charge-backs and other fees for a total of approximately $1,500.00 in monthly costs. After switching to digital currencies, including Liberty Reserve, their monthly costs amount to about $5.00, for a total cost savings of about $1,495.00 per month. As I understand it, they pass on these savings to their customers, offering discounts if customers pay via Liberty Reserve.

(Q) I see that you offer a type of transaction entitled, “Optional Anonymous Internal Payment”. Is this option popular with users? Why do you feel that is important to customers?

This was a feature that was requested a few years ago by a few customers that wanted additional privacy. For example, if you pay someone for goods or services with other digital currencies your account number is displayed in the history of the recipient of the funds. Hackers or other malicious individuals will know your account number. Also, it is a good idea for making anonymous donations to charity. At Liberty Reserve, using the anonymous payment feature, your account number is not known to the recipient of the funds. We, at Liberty Reserve, are always looking for ways to meet the demands of clients to enhance their financial privacy and security.

(Q) I did not see a ‘Liberty Reserve’ debit card. Do you have any plans to offer such a product?

Liberty Reserve’s business is making it the best, most secure, and trusted payment system in the world. That is our only goal and business model. We encourage exchangers and other companies to provide any collateral services that our clients may require, which creates many opportunities for Liberty Reserve merchants. It is a synergistic strategy.

(Q) For people reading this who want to earn money using the Internet, do you offer a paying referral program? If so, how do you pay the affiliates?

We offer one of the most competitive referral programs in the industry. Affiliates are paid instantly into their Liberty Reserve accounts. A two tier referral system is also in the works. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions and inform your fine readers about Liberty Reserve. Joul Lee marketing(at)

--end of interview--

In case you somehow missed the first interview, here is a clue; it is right below this one :)

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