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Jul 29, 2007

Harness the Awesome Power of Viral Marketing: Build Your Own Ad Network - 100% FREE

Get your affiliate ads on hundreds or even thousands of pages

all over the internet without paying a dime. Introducing ....

CBClicks - Viral Marketing Gone Wild

How does CBClicks work? It's very easy and Free!
  1. You sign up FREE. All you need is a Clickbank© ID which is also free. If you don't have one already and want to know more about Clickbank© Click here.
  2. After that login to your CBClicks admin panel, choose a keyword and a category which best relate to the theme of your website and get your Ad Codes.
  3. Place the Ad Codes on your website.
  4. Refer other people to CBClicks to Build Your Own Ad Network.
To assure maximum sales CBClicks displays automatically the top selling products from Clickbanks© marketplace which fit the selected keyword and category when a visitor enters a page with Ad Code. So always appear top quality, high converting products. There are different formats for inline ads and popups to choose from. On the left you see an example "Tower Ad" for keyword "Marketing" and Category "Marketing & Ads".
All colors are fully customizeable to fit the style of your site.

The CBClicks scheme uses the power of geometric progression 6 levels deep. That means that an ad with your Clickbank© ID would show up on 604 different sites if you only refer 3 other people to CBClicks and everyone of the referred as well as their referrals does the same.
If every site had only a modest 1.000 visitors a day that would bring ads with your Clickbank© ID in front of the eyes of 604.000 different persons. 604.000 views of Clickbank's© top selling products should generate some sales, or what do you think?
The affiliate commissions from these sales are 100% yours!

And now imagine not only 3 referrals, but 5, 10, 20, or even more - it's mindblowing - do the math.

This program is BRAND NEW and represents a big opportunity, so join NOW and reap the early bird advantages. For more info GO HERE!

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