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Apr 30, 2007

Very important news from e-gold

On April 24, 2007, a Federal Grand Jury handed down an indictment charging e-gold Ltd., Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc., and the Directors of both companies with money laundering, operating an unlicensed money transmitter business, and conspiracies to commit both offenses.

Dr. Douglas Jackson, Chairman and Founder of e-gold, speaking on behalf of his fellow Directors and both companies vigorously denies the charges, taking particular exception to the allegations that either company ever turned a blind eye to payments for child pornography or for the sale of stolen identity and credit card information.

Dr. Jackson states, “With regard to child pornography, the government knows full well that their allegations are false, yet they highlight these irresponsible and purposely damaging statements in order to demonize e-gold in the eyes of the public. During the Inquisition, accusations of witchcraft and heresy were used to sanctify torture and seizures of property. In post 9-11 America, child porn and terrorism serve as the denunciations of choice. e-gold, however, as a matter ofincontrovertible fact, is the most effective of all online payment systems in detecting and interdicting abuse of its system for child pornography related payments. e-gold Ltd. is a founding member of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) Financial Coalition to Eliminate Child Pornography. e-gold is the only member institution to demonstrate with hard, auditable data a dramatic reduction of such payments to virtually zero, while billions of child porn dollars continue to flow through other (heavily regulated) payment systems. [Most members, that is, all the banks and credit card associations are utterly unable to even provide an estimate of the volume of such payments processed by their systems. eBay’s PayPal subsidiary, who may have the ability to make such a determination, has refused to do so and has indicated they destroy payment records after two years.] What is worse, until August 2005 when NCMEC courageouslybroke ranks with US law enforcement agencies and began directly notifying e-gold of criminal sites via the CyberTipline, component agencies of the US Department of Justice purposely concealed their knowledge of child pornography abuses from e-gold’s investigators, subordinating actual crime fighting to a policy agenda designed to dirty up e-gold.”

In December 2005, the Secret Service (USSS) deceived a Federal Magistrate judge with bogus testimony in order to obtain search and seizure warrants authorizing the government to seize the US bank accounts of Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc. The seizure, which netted the government about $ 0.8 million, was designed to put e-gold out of business without due process, since G&SR serves as the contractual Operator of the e-gold system. At a subsequent emergency hearing, thegovernment made no effort to defend their (sealed) allegations of lurid criminality, falling back to a position that their action was warranted because of a licensure issue. At the hearing, G&SR described its ongoing dialog with the Department of Treasury, initiated by formal request of the company in Spring 2005, to determine a possible basis for regulating the company’s activities, since it was patently clear to competent authorities that G&SR’s exchange service was not encompassed within any existing regulatory rubric [subsequently re-confirmed by experts at the Federal Reserve]. The US Attorney for the District of Columbia, responsible for the prosecution, was completely unaware of this orderly proceeding, as well as Treasury reports issued the same week that acknowledged e-gold as an innovation not meeting definitions of a money services business or a money

Since this time, the government has been confronted with overwhelming evidence that the USSS had made a horrible mistake in its attack on the e-gold system and its repeated defamatory claims in the media that e-gold is anonymous, untraceable, and inaccessible to US law enforcement. They have concealed the fact that Dr. Jackson had personally arranged to come to USSS headquarters to train the USSS cybercrime squad in December 2004 (along with agents of the UK’s National High Tech Crime Unit, and the Australian Federal Police) on advanced techniques, particularly in the area of efficient interaction with e-gold’s in-house investigative staff, but was prevented when senior USSS management learned of the initiative and forbade the training on the grounds of a policy declaring e-gold as their designated boogey man.

The Department of Justice has had to determine whether to continue to stand behind their component agency. Their decision to close ranks has directly resulted in a gross misallocation of resources, with the result that vicious criminals who might have been brought to justice remain at large. An example of this is the Shadowcrew investigation, hyped by the USSS as a major success in disrupting international credit card thieves. The USSS did not subpoena records from e-gold atany time in their investigation, or engage with e-gold’s superb in-house investigative staff, with the result that the sophisticated hierarchy of the ring was unmolested and probably strengthened while the USSS hauled in the low hanging fruit, “a dime a dozen and relatively easy to track down and pop”.

Similarly, there is compelling evidence that the international cartel of commercial vendors of child pornography continues to operate because the FBI Innocent Images Unit and Special Agents within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency have been forbidden to follow investigative protocols developed by Dr. Jackson, apparently for fear of further belying the party line that e-gold is itself a nefarious operation.

With regard to allegations of money laundering, Dr. Jackson notes “G&SR’s online exchange service, OmniPay, has for years followed stringent customer identification procedures and an absolute policy of only accepting money payments by bank wire. If bank wires aren’t already “clean” then what is? Furthermore, e-gold Ltd. can scarcely be construed as a money launderer since it does not accept money payments from anyone in any form and has never owned a single dollar, yen, euro or any other brand of legacy money. As far as the possibility of a criminal successfully obfuscating a money trail, e-gold is a closed system. The only way to obtain e-gold is by receiving a transfer from someone who already has some. e-gold is also the only payment system accessible by the public that maintains a permanent record of all transfers.”

On April 27, 2007, the government served seizure warrants on G&SR ordering it to freeze, liquidate and turn over to the government the operating e-gold accounts of G&SR and e-gold Ltd. The value seized, about $762 thousand worth of e-gold from e-gold Ltd. and about $736 thousand worth of e-gold from G&SR [on top of the $0.8 million seized from G&SR in 2005, and the approximately $1 million spent by G&SR so far in its defense] constitutes the bulk of the liquid assets of bothcompanies. Perplexingly, a post-indictment restraining order states “Nothing in the provisions of this restraining order shall be construed as limiting the e-gold operation’s ability to use its existing funds to satisfy requests from its customers to exchange e-gold into national currency, or its ability to sell precious metals to accomplish the same once approval has been obtained.” Having taken virtually the entire operating funds of G&SR and e-gold Ltd., that is, the e-gold in both companies’ own e-gold accounts, it is unclear if the government has even a basic grasp of the operations it has been investigating for three years at a taxpayer expense in the millions.

The most remarkable element of the restraining order is that the US government deputizes e-gold with plenipotentiary powers to act as judge, jury and executioner against any account user e-gold itself has deemed to be a criminal: “It is further ordered that upon receipt of this order the defendants are required to freeze, that is, not conduct or allow any further transactions in e-gold accounts that the e-gold operation itself has identified as being used for criminal activity”. Although not accompanied by an outright letter of marque, this commission (the financial equivalent to double ought status?) would appear to be an acknowledgement that e-gold’s ‘Know Your Customer’ prowess far exceeds that of any regulated financial institution, who would be obliged to rely on court orders or other legal writs to determine if freezing an account is warranted.

Concurrent with this latest attempt to knock e-gold Ltd. and G&SR out of business and thereby effectively deny them due process, the government also attacked other prominent exchange services that deal in e-gold; IceGold, The Bullion Exchange, Gitgold, Denver Gold Exchange, AnyGoldNow, and Gold Pouch Express, plus a sophisticated and secure alternative payment system called “1MDC”. All of the listed exchange services also follow stringent Customer IdentificationPrograms congruent with what would be required of a currency exchange business, if the law supported such a classification. Two of the services, IceGold and AnyGoldNow, are located in Europe and deal primarily with non-US customers. As a direct and immediate result of the seizures, these companies, all of who had built a reputation for honoring their obligations to customers in a timely fashion, have been disrupted, and, at least in the case of Gitgold, checks to customers issued in fulfillment of exchanges have bounced. This is a repeat of what happened to G&SR as a direct result of the 2005 seizure, when over 200 checks to customers bounced and refunds had to be sorted out with severely crippled liquidity and without a US bank account.

It must not be overlooked that the search warrant obtained by misrepresentations before a magistrate judge in 2005 resulted in the government helping themselves to the financial records of hundreds of thousands of American citizens [plus citizens of virtually every other country] who had not been accused of any wrongdoing. Since the initial raid, the prosecutor has caused the Grand Jury to order complete dumps of the e-gold data base on three additional occasions.

This case has nothing to do with criminal activity, at least not on the part of e-gold Ltd., G&SR, the named individuals or these other exchange services of high reputation. It is about a Department of Justice that is out of control, cognizant of having made a horrible mistake but determined at all costs to preserve its turf. In a meeting at the US Attorney’s office in Washington on December 29, 2006, a Chief Assistant US Attorney told us that the United States knew we weren’t “bad guys” and that the United States had no interest in sending any of us to prison or causing e-gold to go out of business. This was in virtually the same breath as proposing that the current defendants plead guilty to Federal felony charges.

The plain fact is that the repeated statements and actions of the government since 2001, especially the USSS, are directly responsible for crippling e-gold’s ability to market its service to mainstream businesses and consumers, slowing [but fortunately not stopping] e-gold’s continuous development of advanced anti-crime capabilities, subordinating US law enforcement’s cybercrime fighting efforts to the forlorn hope of destroying e-gold, driving market share to non-US based alternative payment systems and making the US law enforcement community the laughingstock of competent cybercrime fighting agencies worldwide because of its obstinate inability to back down from the USSS’s longstanding e-gold vendetta.

All inquiries should be directed to the law offices of:

tmiwireless: review of affiliate program

Hello folks. It has been a while since I did a review of an affiliate program, but here it comes. I will keep this one short and to the point. I recently came across this opportunity, and it peaked my interest so I decided to give it a try.

As you can tell my the name of the program, it is all about telecommunication products (cell phones, voip, alarm systems..etc). What you are doing is promoting their online cell phone shop and in return for qualified sales you'll receive a hefty commission.

Here is a snapshot of their compensation plan:

Commission Rates:
Product Commission Rate
Wireless phone/plan (contract-based) $50 per shipped phone + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
2-Phone Family Plan (contract-based) $60 per shipped family plan (2 phones) + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension $10 per order maximum (regardless of # lines)
Liberty Wireless (no longer active) $20 per shipped phone
Disney Mobile, Ampd Mobile, Cingular GoPhone, T-Mobile ToGo, Virgin Mobile $7 per shipped phone
Q Score/SmartAccess phone (T-Mobile only) $10 per shipped phone
Opex Wireless Plans $10 bounty plus 10% residual of customer bill
Opex Internet Phone (VOIP) $10 bounty plus 10% residual of customer bill
Wireless Accessories (sold separately through the Accessories page, not combined with phone sales) 15% of total amount
Ringtone/Mobile Game Subscription $5 per sale
Dish Network TV $75 per installation
Home Alarm System $80 per installation

Bonus Details

You earn a 10% bonus when you sell 20 or more post-paid (contract based) cell phones in a given month. For example, say you ship 22 phones in April, your commission will be $50 * 22 + 10% bonus ($110) = $1210.00. Note that family plans with 2 lines count as 2 phones, so you could sell 10 family plans (2 phones each) and still get the bonus. Prepaid, no-contract, and QScore/SmartAccess phones do not apply (e.g, Liberty Wireless, Opex Wireless). The bonus amount is calculated on the standard commission you earn on cell phones only (other non-cell phone products such as satellite tv, home alarms, etc are not included in the 10% calculation). Sub-affiliate sales do not count towards the bonus quota of 20 sales - only direct Tier-1 sales apply.

Override Commissions: (commission you earn on sub-affiliate sales)
Product Bonus Commission Rate
Wireless phone/plan (contract-based) $10 per shipped phone
2-Phone Family Plan (contract-based) $10 per shipped family plan (2 phones)
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension None
Liberty Wireless None
Disney Mobile, Ampd Mobile, Cingular GoPhone, T-Mobile ToGo, Virgin Mobile None
Q Score/SmartAccess phone (T-Mobile only) None
Opex Wireless Plans None
Opex Internet Phone (VOIP) None
Wireless Accessories None
Ringtone/Mobile Game Subscription None
Dish Network TV None
Home Alarm System $20 per installation

Since I have yet to fully market my new wireless store and see if it generates profits I cannot comment much on how successful you should expect to be with this affiliate program, but I am sure those of you who are excellent at online marketing will do well.

If you are curious about this opportunity click the link below to join and give this new program a try:

Apr 29, 2007

Update: Agloco is due to release their long awaited viewbar

I just received this e-mail today:

"Dear Alan,

We will be releasing the AGLOCO Viewbar software soon and want to update Members on how things will work when it is released.

Each Member will get an email informing them that their Viewbar is available. It will contain detailed instructions on the download, which will be done from the website. Members will be invited to download in groups of 50,000 a day for a two week period, with Members contacted in the order in which they signed up.

Shortly before the first set of download emails go out, you will receive an email notice that the AGLOCO website will be ‘out of service’ for a few hours – this is necessary for us to move the Viewbar download system from the test server to the main servers.

Also, please be aware of the following:

1. AGLOCO Hours: You will accrue hours in your AGLOCO Member account (current maximum is five direct hours a month). Hours are earned during active surfing on the Internet. The Viewbar has a green light on it that notifies the Member when it is accruing time. Your referrals’ surfing will accumulate hours for you at a 25% rate, meaning if one of your referrals surfs for the maximum five hours you will get 1.25 (0.25 x 5) hours credited to your total referral hours. You can only get credit referral hours up to the amount you directly surf (meaning if you surf 3 hours but a referral surfs 4, you will only get credit for the first 3 of your referral’s 4 hours). AGLOCO accrues these hours each month and also has a cumulative total of all hours earned. These hours are what AGLOCO will use to calculate cash and other distributions. The Viewbar contains a one click inactive button which turns it off and removes it from your screen at any time.
2. Initial Release for Windows: The initial Viewbar release will be for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 Pro and 2000 Server. Later, we will release Mac and Linux versions of the Viewbar. Until that occurs, Mac/Linux users can still log onto any supported Windows computer and accumulate their five hours. The Viewbar works with browsers IE 5.5 or higher and Firefox 1.5 or higher.
3. Cash Distributions: To be a sustainable entity in the long term, AGLOCO makes Member cash distributions from its positive cash flow (revenue minus costs). Therefore, please do not expect a check after the first couple of months as it will take time to collect revenue from advertisers and this revenue must exceed costs in order to make cash distributions to Members. We will be keeping Members informed of our financials and you can visit the Official company blog at for the latest updates.
4. Multiple Users on One Viewbar: As stated previously, multiple Members may use the same Viewbar on the same computer. Only one Viewbar download will be necessary as the Viewbar software will enable each Member to log in and log out using their AGLOCO Member ID# and password (obviously, only one Member ID# can be accumulating Viewbar hours at any one time). Please note, only one Viewbar is allowed on a screen at a time.
5. One-Time Download: The v1.0 Viewbar is purposely simplistic and minimalist, but it also comes equipped with an automatic self-updating feature. Once you download the Viewbar for the first time, your Viewbar will be seamlessly updated with new additions and features as they become available. These future features include the direct cash back feature when a Member purchases items on sponsor site and a portion of the purchase price is added back to the Member’s AGLOCO account (as described on the Official AGLOCO Blog at . )

We look forward to your active participation in the AGLOCO community.

Dan Jorgensen
Member Coordinator"

Infinity-Shares: no further e-gold funding allowed

Here is another update from Infinity-Shares administrators:

Infinity-Shares closes E-gold deposit,

Dear members,

We have closed E-gold deposits for a couple of days until we have looked deeper into the current situation. We want to avoid that people use IS as a stocking place for their gold.

It would not be fair to the other members if all of a sudden the worst case scenario occurs for E-gold, which I personally think is almost nihil, but still, for the members, we did anticipate and blocked E-gold deposits for now.

Also, we are looking at pecunix and E-bullion as backup option in case anything happens.


Steven, Stijn and Xtian"


Infinity-Shares: Update from the program administrators

To those of you who are invested in Infinity-Shares, please read this important info pasted below. The admins have sent an e-mail to all the program members so you should also get an e-mail copy of what I've just pasted here. To those of you who aren't members of Infinity-Shares, you're missing out on a great and genuine opportunity. I have a link you can use to join on the right hand side of my blog under the rubric "High Yield Investments".

Here is the update from Infinity-Shares:

"Good Day, After 2 weeks of searching, we found an alternative broker that we feel covers our trading needs. Our new broker is HMS, which is also based in Lux, making our transition from Internaxx a lot easier and faster. Paperwork will be done on Monday, applications, bank wires and other required materials. Of course once everything is approved, we will allow a few people to audit the new account to verify that everything is there.

We expect to resume trading as soon as all of the requirements are met and things are looking up for IS so far.

Concerning the E-gold situation, we have around 10% of total IS capital in e-gold, but we will be reducing that down to 2% this Monday to ensure the safety of the funds. The 2% left online will be maintained to cover short-term withdrawals and from our point of view is an acceptable risk to deal with rather than go through the process of exchanging small amounts back and forth between accounts.

Pet Project Photos will also be posted in the forum within the week. Chris’ father is slowly improving, and will be (hopefully) out of the hospital in 2 weeks. Some good news at least.

Steven, Stijn and Xtian


ClixSense update: I've reached payout - now time to wait

Ok folks, well, I managed to reach the minimum payout requirement set by ClixSense ($10), so now it's all a matter of waiting to see if I receive my cheque. When and if I do, I will immediately post a update over here to let you all know.

Apr 28, 2007

Somebody is trying to pretent to be Life-Holdings!

READ THIS!! If you come across and advertisement for DO NOT INVEST, it is a scam, the REAL LIFE-HOLDINGS USES LIFE-HOLDINGS.COM...get that? .COM!


I just took a closer look, they are advertising a fake Life Holdings website.

See it ends with .net instead of .com?

: Life Holdings : is the only domain name we use!!!

Monday, 23rd April 2007: 0.40% net profit
Tuesday, 24th April 2007: 0.70% net profit
Wednesday, 25th April 2007: 0.70% net profit
Thursday, 26th April 2007: 0.60% net profit
Friday, 27th April 2007: 0.40% net profit

For a total of 2.80% net profit for the entire week.

As everybody probably knows by now, E-gold owners have been Indicted for Money Laundering and Illegal Money Transmitting.
Next week even more information should come from the exchangers who had their E-gold accounts blocked, and hopefully even from E-gold.

I got many requests during the night not to execute payments this week. I have the E-gold for this week's payments so I will go ahead and make them, except for the ones who have requested otherwise.
E-bullion payments will be completed within an hour.

I have received a SPAM e-mail promoting Life Holdings, and other forum members have received it too. I can assure you it did not came from me. Most likely, I pissed off an idiot promoting a cheap HYIP monitor and he decided to SPAM Life Holdings.

Dan (OptimusLH)
Life Holdings Management"

Apr 27, 2007

Bad news for e-gold users :( (like me)

E-gold Major Agents’ Accounts Seized By US Government

It now appears this morning that all large e-gold exchange agents doing business with US clients have had their e-gold accounts seized by US court order.

Here is what we know as of this morning.

  1. Icegold, AnyGoldNow, 1mdc, Omnipay and other large exchange agents have all had their accounts blocked by a US government agency court order.
  2. When attempting to log in on these accounts, the e-gold server responds that the account does not exist. It appears the accounts have been seized by the US authorities.
  3. It is now not possible to unbail bars from e-gold Ltd.

(Icegold has since opened a new e-gold account and seems to be back doing business.)

From the 1mdc web site.


Friday Apr 27 2007 - 4AM UTC

It appears that a U.S. Government court order has forced e-gold(R) to close down or confiscate all of 1mdc’s accounts. All 1mdc account’s have been closed at e-gold by order of the US Government.

Please note that it appears the accounts of many of the largest exchangers and largest users of e-gold have also been closed or confiscated overnight: millions of Euros of gold have been lost or confiscated in this event. Many of the largest exchangers are shutdown.

Realistically, it is extremely unlikely that this action will ever be reversed.

If the action is reversed, your e-gold grams remaining in 1mdc will “unbail” normally to your e-gold account.

You CAN spend your 1mdc back and fore to other 1mdc accounts. However you must be aware that it is likely your e-gold will never be released from e-gold.

Ultimately e-gold(R) is an entirely USA-based company, owned and operated by US citizens, so, as e-gold users we must respect the decisions of US courts and the US authorities regarding the disposition of e-gold and the safety and security of US citizens.

Even though 1mdc has no connection whstsoever to the USA, and most 1mdc users are non-USA, ultimately e-gold is USA based.

1mdc thanks it’s users and technical staff and support staff. From 1mdc’s point of view, 1mdc had only just started to generate income from spend fees so five years expense and experimentation was wasted.

It is the opinion of your 1mdc team that:

1. The early era of DGC privacy is over.

2. USA citizens will simply never be able to use DGCs.

3. The only DGCs that operate from now on will:
(a) Have no connection to the US
(b) Have no USA users (exactly as Swiss banks have no USA users)
(b) Will have higher ID requirements than e-gold currently does.

You are welcome to email “” but, again, the realistic view is that the e-gold(R) will never be released. Note that of all e-gold confiscated by US court order, none has ever been released.

Apr 24, 2007

Attention "Take the Internet Back" members - good news!

great news for all "Take the Internet Back" members, we have a new website that we own!

Here is a quote from the TIB Admin crew:

"Our new website is now ready and available. Please go to and take a look. After all – you do own it. There is no other website like it on the internet at this time!!! It is unique in every aspect and we have it and own it. In a nutshell – it is an Ebay style website where people bid for services. But not just for ordinary services either. Have you ever needed a babysitter in a pinch? Someone to run errands? Someone to do yard work? Someone to do odd jobs? If you have looked, there really is no place online to find such a person…until now. We will invest quite a bit of money to make this website work, but we do need our owners help. Join and pass the word to EVERYONE that you know. For the next 90 days – it is free to join and free to post. There will be no cost for anything except advertising.

Some of you may be a bit skeptical, but do you remember Ebay when they started? No one thought that they would grow into a huge company. We now have that same opportunity and you will also earn from this website as you are all part owners of Bidhire as well as TIB. With your help, we can make this program a resounding success!!! Ebay is worth billions after only 10 years. We can do the same as we are the pioneer in this type of website. Use it, refer people to it, recommend it. IT’S FREE TO ALL!!!

There may be a few undetected bugs still roaming around in both of the above websites. If you find any, please call it to our attention at . We hope that there are none, but sometimes they do not appear until more users join. Please look for any errors or bugs and do let us know so we can fix them."

You're not a member of TIB (take the internet back) yet? :o I am shocked..:) ok, ok, here, just click the banner below to join:

Apr 23, 2007

AdBux: A scam??

I just came across a post on that purports that AdBux is a scam. Hmm....I am a bit troubled to hear this. I advise all readers of my blog to take this post with a grain of salt. I would not be surprised if adbux turns out to be a scam, so in light of this I will be taking off my referral link in the PTR section of my blog.

Warning, join AdBux only if you realize that there is risk involved; meaning you might not get paid after you've worked so hard viewing all those ads. So far I haven't even reached payout so I can't really say 100% if they pay or not.

here is the forum post which accuses adbux of being a scam:

here is another post on a different forum by the same guy who runs adbux, and it seems that this guy has been running scams for quite a while:

YouTubeMailer: Submit your advertisement to 2 Billion people

Here comes a new massive safelist submitter. It is called YouTubeMailer and so far it's been quite popular with online marketers. I decided to give it a try a few months ago to generate some traffic to my affiliate sites, but unfortunately I haven't been using the submitter as often as I should. I won't try convince you to purchase this service right now or the world will end, but I'd recommend you give it a try.

It only costs $20 for a lifetime membership so you can see for yourself if this new massive marketing tool will generate sales. Note that you may advertise using the system only every 6 hours. If you abuse this rule, you will get your account deleted.

Without further ado, here is the link to give this service a try:

Apr 19, 2007

GF: New private HYIP program

Greeting fellow internet investors. Some of you might be interested in this. I am going to give 9 people the opportunity to join one of the HYIP world's most exclusive Elite Investment Club. I was told by the administration crew not to discuss too much or to advertise the program too much as they don't want too many members in the program. The investment program generates profit from the FOREX market. Our (dont forget I'm in it too so it's MY program too) traders have been generating healthy profit every week. It varies according to market conditions but, on average they can pull over 2.40%+ per week - sometimes even 5.5%!

I should note that this program is not for the "hit and run" or "small fish" players. The minimum to invest is $260 for e-gold and $267.50 for e-bullion e-currency. Also since the program is closed to new members and is 100% private getting in is really hard.

However, if you're lucky enough to know someone who is already in (like me), then you're all set. But wait, it's not gonna be this easy. I was given on a few referral codes (expire once used) so I can't invite you all in, only on a first come first serve basis. I've reserved a few codes for my friends and family and the rest I can sell to you at a modest fee (given the opportunity).

The fee is $25 USD in e-gold. Remember I have only 9 referral codes!!

Here is how we're going to do this. To pay me, click the button below, then send me an e-mail to with the transaction details (account number, batch number, etc) and request that I send you the "referral" link:

Pay Now with e-gold...

Apr 18, 2007

Blackygold: My favorite PTR program

I just have to tell you about my favorite "PTR" program. I won't go into a lengthy discussion about this program, but suffice it to say that I'm very pleased with it - I know you'll be pleased too. It has paid me always on time, and get this, I just withdrew some earnings to my e-gold account in the last 10 minutes, and I was paid 2 minutes later!! - you can't get any better than that.

The value of each e-mail sent to you is 0.25 cents and the minimum withdraw for e-gold is $2 (they also offer alertpay, moneypay-europe, and dutch bank)

I should also mention that the lady who runs Blackygold is great.

Click the banner below to become a member:

AdBux: New very popular PTR on the scene

There's a new PTR program on the block, and it's proving to be very popular. It goes by the name of AdBux. I'm sure some of you have heard about it. The program is sorta like Clixsense and Stormclix. You'll get paid $0.01 (1 cent) per ad just like Clixsense or Stormclix, but the best thing about AdBux is that you can withdraw your earning to your PayPal account. This is far more convenient than waiting for a cheque (Clixsense) or getting paid in your stormpay account (Stormclix) - incidentally you should know that Stormpay will take $1 per month out of your account just for maintaining a balance with them!!

If you're an advertiser then AdBux is perfect for you as you can advertise on the cheap - I mean really cheap!

If you haven't joined yet, please use my referral link to join - thanks :)

Apr 17, 2007

Want to make tons of cash promoting digital products?

If you read the title and you say yes to the question posed in it, then you should read this blog entry as I'm going to introduce you to Clickbank. Clickbank has grown to become extremely popular with online marketers. The main reason is that it will allow you to earn HUGE commissions from promoting other people's (to sell your products in Clickbank's marketplace read this post). I've seen commissions as high as %70, but I'm sure some sellers are willing to give you a higher commission rate.

The Clickbank system works like this:

You sign-up and get an unique clickbank id. You then take this userid and insert it into what are called "hop-links" (dont worry all of this jargon will be explained in Clickbanks's very informative FAQ - they even have tutorials showing you how to do this). Once you've inserted your clickbank id into a hop-link, all you have to do is promote the hop-link along with the product associated iwth that hop-link on your website, blog, traffic-exchange, etc. If you get a sale you will receive your commission instantly to your clickbank account.

Clickbank will then write you a cheque for the commission amount! It's that simple. For all the tiny details that I cannot go into (don't worry no hidden catches) here for lack of space, you're going to have to checkout Clickbank's FAQ.

So, if you want to join Clickbank and earn money just visit their website by following this link:

*I am in no way associated with Clickbank or promoting their service, I am just a regular Clickbank user who thought you'd be interested in knowing how I use Clickbank to make money

Have a digital product you'd like to sell?

Have a digital product you'd like to sell? I've got a very good method that I'd like to bring to your attention. It's called Clickbank, and numerous people have used it to successfully sell their information products, services, etc. The way the system work is that you sign-up with Clickbank and become a publisher in their massive digital products marketplace. Now here is the twist. How would you like to have OTHER people promote your product to potential customers in exchange for a commission of your products sale price? I would take it! It's such an excellent way to promote online products that Clickbank has become wildly successful.

So what's the catch, you ask. None! All that you have to do is design a catchy website promoting your product! Clickbank will take care of the rest. They'll take payments on your behalf and dispense the commissions to the people who have promoted and sold your product. Last time I've checked Clickbank will accept a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards. This is a great way to sell your products without the added expense of purchasing a merchant account and having to deal with all the headaches that doing so will entail.

So to sum it up, I found Clickbank to give the following benefits:

Reach millions of customers worldwide
Enable a huge network of experienced affiliates to promote your product.
Track product sales with extensive real-time reporting.
Keep customers happy with our reliable customer service.
Experience accurate and on-time payments to publishers and affiliates.

Your only expense will be a one-time activation fee of about $49.95 and then you're set and ready for selling. Don't worry, Clickbank will provide you extensive examples on how to design your promotional website and how to integrate Clickbank's checkout system into your website.

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Apr 14, 2007

Telebay: Interesting MLM program

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Apr 13, 2007

High Interest Savings Accounts for Canadians

Good day! If you're a canuck like me and are tired of getting little to no interest on your Canadian Dollar denominated savings accounts, then you'll be glad you found this blog. Today I'm going to review three of the highest earning Canadian savings accounts available. In my opinion, a savings account that earns you high interest is a smart financial move to make. You never know when you need some spare cash for an emergency or just about anything. Put a decent amount of cash in it, and don't touch it! High Interest accounts are also perfect for those of you who are more conservative with your money. I certaintly take more risks with my money, and consequently earn a higher return, but even I have TWO savings accounts (with two of the institutions that I'll be reviewing below. So, without further ado, here is the review.

First one:

ING Direct

ING Direct Canada offeres an online "ISA" (Investment Savings Account) which (as of April 13, 2007) offer 3.50% per year. They also happen to have an US Dollar denominated savings account which yield the same interest (currently 3.50%). As I'm sure you're well aware of, ING is a major international bank, so you're money is as safe as it can be. Also they're insured by the CDIC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation) which will insure your money up to $100,000.

This account has the following features:

No fees
No service charges
No minimum balance
ABM card access (so you can withdraw your money anywhere in the world - fees apply)

You can withdraw your money anytime, anywhere without paying any fees or penalties
You can setup an automatic savings program
You can link your chequings account to your savings account (so you can deposit money into your savings account via the web interface)
You can withdraw money from your savings to your chequing account (no fee)

Features lacking:

You can't write a cheque; this is an online savings account only!

The process of joining is very simple and painless. All you have to do is follow the link that I'll give you, and complete a simple online form and once your account is approve YOU'LL GET $13 BECAUSE I'VE REFERRED YOU! YES FREE MONEY!

Follow this link:

You'll be asked for a referral code, so make sure you type this:


It is important that you type that code, otherwise you won't get your $13 bonus.

Ok, now on to the next one.

Second one:

ICICI Bank Canada

ICICI Bank Canada is a fairly new bank on the Canadian scene, but they're off to a good start by offering an excellent yield on your money. A little bit of background on them: They're the largest bank in India, and apparently they've decided to get a piece of the Canadian market (which incidentally has quite a large Indian population).

I've had an account with them a while back (I think a year ago) but I move all my money into a savings account with the institution which I will review next.

Here is their current offers:

Canadian $ savings account will earn you: 3.75% (p.a)
US $ savings account will earn you: 4.25% (p.a)

As you can see they offer a slightly better return when compared to ING Direct, but they don't offer any bonus. I think this one is great if you're a Canadian which happens to have US dollars they'd like to save. Another cool feature of ICICI is that they'll give you the ability to conveniently and economically transfer money to India, so if you have relatives of family there, this might be the best choice. As with ING Direct, you'll be charged no fees to deposit/withdraw your money, and you'll also get a debit card which is functional at just about any bank machine in the world (fees are involved here though)

Other features:

You can link your chequing account to your ICICI savings account so you can deposit money into your savings account via ICICI's web interface (no fee)
You can transfer money from your savings to your chequing account online too! (no fee)

Features lacking:

As with ING Direct, you won't get a cheque book, so you can't write a cheque with this account.

Ok, so if you're interested in this one click this link to join:


Achieva Financial

Achieva Financial is my preferred savings account, because it offers the highest interest savings account in Canada. There is small price to pay for this higher yield however, and it comes in the form of fewer features. Achieva Financial is based in Manitoba, in case you're curious.

Achieva's savings account currenly offers: 4.10% (p.a)

The difference between Achieva Financial's savings account and ING Direct or ICICI Canada is that Achieva's savings account is a full-featured account. You will receive a chequing book, you can pay your bills online, you can withdraw your money at just about any bank machine in the world.

The only negative point about Achieva's savings account is that they'll charge you higher fees for cheques/pre-authorized debits.

Here is their fee structure:

Account Fees Charge

Cheques/Pre-Authorized Debits
(First cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit per month free - each additional)

Personalized Cheques (First Order)
(Additional cheque orders may be subject to a charge)

ATM/Online Fees Charge

Credit Union ATM Deposits Free

Credit Union ATM Withdrawals $0.60

*Interac ATM Withdrawals (In Canada) $1.00

US ATM Withdrawals $2.50

International ATM Withdrawals $5.00

Interact Direct Payments $0.60

Bill Payment (Online or Touchtone) $0.50

ATM Card Replacement - Mishandling $5.00

*In addition to the .60¢ ATM withdrawal charge

Internal Transfer of Funds - Achieva Account to Achieva Account Charge

Touch-Tone $0.50

Online $0.50

Phone Request (Processed by a Achieva Customer service representative) $3.00

Administration Fees Charge Charge

Achieva Direct (automatic savings deposits from another institution) Free

Achieva Direct Deposit (deposit of payroll or government cheques) Free

Stop Payment - all information provided $7.50

Stop Payment - information incomplete $15.00

N.S.F. Charge $30.00

Chargeback - on cheques drawn on account holder $5.00

Duplicate copies of Statements or RRSP receipts $1.50

Official Cheques $5.00

Account Closing - Member Request within six months of opening $10.00

Dormant Account - 6 months* Account Balance
*Dormant account balances $25.00 and under

Ok, now on to the most important part, the interest rate! According to my research, Achieva consistently offers the highest interest rate of any Canadian institution, and I hope they keep it up. Check out this brief history of their rates:

Rates for the year 2007

Month Rate

Rates for the year 2006

Month Rate

To open up an account with them follow this link:

That's all for now, and I hope this has been of use to you! Take care.

Apr 12, 2007

Goldex - Review (e-currency merchant)

Ok loyal blog readers, I'm back with a review of Goldex, which is a big player in the e-currency arena. I begame a customer of Goldex about 6 months ago when I just started in the whole HYIP (high-yield investment projects) arena. I was looking around for a e-currency merchant which will let me purchase e-bullion with my credit card, and voila! - I've found one.

According to Goldex's website, their headquarters is located in Malta, of all places. Still, that should not be construed as being a bad thing. From all my dealings with then, I promptly received my e-bullion.

The process went like this:
1) I placed an order on their website.
2) I then scanned the pieces of identification they've asked of me (drivers license and utility bill) along with a "credit card authorization form"
3) They then called me up and asked me a bunch of questions to verify that I am who I say I am (I can understand then - credit card transactions are risky for them since they cannot get their e-bullion back once they send it to me)
4) I received the e-bullion gold I've ordered
5) Went to the fridge and got out a beer
5) Sat back at my PC..ok ok :) I'm just messing with you. Seriously though, it was that simple.

They offer a "no name" debit card which you can load with cash by sending them e-gold/e-bullion, but I have yet to try it. Maybe in the future I will do a review of it. This debit card is a perfect way to withdraw your earnings from HYIPs (see the right-hand side of my blog for some really good HYIPs) directly in the form of cash (available anywhere in the world where you have access to a debit machine).

Now for the most important part, fees! Here is what their website says about that:

"To purchase e-gold via Bank Wire our basic charge is 3.5%. Additionally, the following fees apply depending on the payment method you select."

MethodAdditional FeeMinimum Fee
EUR - Bank Wire Transfer5 EUR5 EUR
EUR - Western Union Transfer (International)20 EUR20 EUR
NOK - Bank Wire100 NOK50 NOK
USD - Bank Transfer0 USD15 USD

To purchase E-Bullion via Bank Wire our basic charge is 1.5%. Additionally, the following fees apply depending on the payment method you select.

MethodAdditional FeeMinimum Fee
EUR - Bank Wire Transfer5 EUR5 EUR
EUR - Western Union Transfer (International)20 EUR20 EUR
NOK - Bank Wire100 NOK50 NOK
USD - Bank Transfer0 USD15 USD

If you want to purchase e-gold or e-bullion via credit card, they'll charge you 15% I know that's a bit high, but credit card transactions are very risky for them - think chargebacks, and the fact that once they send you e-gold/e-bullion they cannot get it back.

Here is the link to join:

Apr 11, 2007

Please Invest - Potential Ponzi HYIP

You know folks, I can't browse to any HYIP or online investing site without coming across Please Invest's banners! They seem to be widly popular, but this program leaves a lot of things to be desired. The massive amount of advertising reeks of Ponziness (is that even a word - well it is now,as I've just invented it). The admin is rude and immature (not in just my opinion). Check out this reply from the administrator of this program to a recent post from a prominent member of the HYIP community (I think you will find it amusing to say the least):


my dear. I see why you have merged my thread with the current Please Invest one but I distinctly asked Jude if I could post a thread in the hyip folder for Please Invest and I was told yes. I was in no way attempting to break the rules of this forum. I don't know why you have Please Invest listed as a scam. I haven't taken anyone’s money. There is no definitive proof that I am a scam (isn't much on the other side either ).

I believe that the only reason your membership is so big is that you allow people to invest quarters.
That combined with thousands in advertising dollars has lead to Please Invest being the largest program online at this time.

Your arrogance and lack of professionalism just highlights how bad of an administrator you must be.
Arrogance? Lack of professionalism. I guess part of that is true. Unlike the other sites out there I'm not a professional scammer. I don't build a website telling you that I'm trading stocks, bonds and equities (whatever those are). I tell you nothing. If this lack of professionalism bothers you then I advise that you stick to sites run by professional con artists, not by someone who can actually make you money.

In terms of being a bad administrator, I take offence to that. If there were Oscars for best admin I would definitely win. I reply to concerns quickly despite receiving hundreds of emails each day. I peruse the forums to see how much everyone loves me. Most importantly I take the time out of my day to reply to friendly threads like this one.

Fortunately the members of this forum know Jude well enough to know that the reason your program would never make to a NoBS gemspot is because it is full of BS!!
Even if I keep paying for 2 or 3 years? Even when I outlast the current gemspots? Have an open mind. Broaden your horizons. Spread your wings and fly - try Please Invest.

Sure you can come up with comments saying that Please Invest is similar to past scams that have been on the internet. But I could say the same about nearly everything. But that is fine. In fact I encourage you to trash and bash Please Invest (That would make a good name for an anti-Please Invest demonstration: The Please Invest Trash Bash ). Anyway I would like you to review Please Invest. (Not right now we are doing a server upgrade.) Have a nice rest and then complete it later. To make it unique you are encouraged to throw in as many unproven and unsubstantiated opinions as possible. J

I didn’t notice this thread until today so I will take this opportunity to reply to all of the original posts here too.

His attitude alone is enough for me to say stay away from this idiot.
Please don’t resort to name calling.

I also believe he's going in for the kill soon - the site has been down a few mornings in a row, and one day it just won't come back...get out now!
About a month after this post was made and still here. Guess that didn’t happen.

My profit being a single dollar does not change the fact that i took it from someone else...
The person it was taken from was me.

Imagine 100 online investors judging site X is no good.. that will have an impact on the program!
Thank God that will never happen when the average hyip investor can be bought off for a $2.50 bonus. Lol

Remember he said about a friend that's about to scam loads of money? Running a new script and all? We can assume it's U-PIE, but what if it's Please-Invest?
Omg omg omg omg omg - what if its true?

I heard very different things from the man himself through MSN a few weeks ago. Well, advertising in GoldenTalk and MMG works I guess; Our HYIP Blog has his ad too, but I'm pretty sure our readers are smart enough
Smart enough to invest? Lol

Steven, sure I would. But I am not going to go around and just shout scammer here, scammer there; like Ponzi Nemesis does at Talk Gold.
Actually in my case its dogman.

You're right and I'm humbled! No more contributing to obvious scams (at least not with my usual name Seriously
That’ll definitely fix the problem you are trying to address. If you use a different name so your friends can’t berate you then the world will be saved.

No matter who is running it, I seriously doubt if they have 12,000 members. I would believe 1,200, but not 12,000. It sounds like a confidence ploy to me. Membership in HYIPs/Autosurfs have declined drastically since all the fiascos in 2006.
It is nearly 14,000 now. I can provide proof of this.

Someone on another forum said they'd heard that TG admin
That rumor is old. I stopped being Brian a while ago.

That covers pretty much everything that has been said in this entire thread. What do ya know, after typing all of that the server migration is complete and the website is back online ready for the review.

Sharon I know that you have some reservations when it comes to me and you certainly are going to have trouble accepting the Please Invest is indeed here for the long run and is not a fly by night ponzi scam. I fully understand and wouldn’t expect anything more than a luke warm review. I look forward to reading it.

Someday when Please Invest is seem as the ruling hyip dominating hyips, you Jude and I will all be the best of friends. We will sit around on a summers day on the island Jude plans on buying with his Please Invest profits, singing “Hey Jude”

♪♪♪♪Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.♪ Take a sad song and make it better.♪ Remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better. ♪Hey Jude, don’t be afraid, join Please Invest and enjoy the profits.♪ The minute you invest big money, I may take off ♪-♪ or you may become rich. ♪ And anytime you feel the pain, hey jude refrain don’t carry the world upon your shoulders.♪ For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder.♪ Na♪ na ♪na ♪na ♪na ♪na - ♪Hey Jude, don’t let me down. Force Sharon, to write a cool review. ♪Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better. Etc…♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

Please Invest Admin


Wow! What more could I say?

So In conclusion I'd advise you all to approach this one with caution! If you're looking for more tested and true HYIPs then look to your right on this blog and you'll see that I have reviews of what I consider (and not just me, but many many people) to be the best programs out there.

That's all for today...alan out! *disappears in a puff of smoke*

Apr 9, 2007

Advertise for free on my information products website

Hi there. Are you looking for a free place where you can post your real online money earning opportunities? If so, then I invite you to visit and click on the Monster Forum link. Once you register you can place your advertisements in the appropriate section. It's that simple!

Apr 8, 2007

Alertpay: A possible major competitor to PayPal

In one of my previous blog posts I wrote about e-gold and espoused it many virtues. Now I do realize that some of you are not or will never be big fans of electronic currencies and would rather prefer to use traditional "Payment Processors". The biggest and of course the most popular payment processor is PayPal. However, lately PayPal's top-dog position is attracting hungry underdogs who are eager to chew a piece of PayPal's market share. One such competitor goes by the name of Alertpay.

According to their website Alertpay is " ..a privately owned and managed company founded in 2004, offers an internet payment system enabling any business or consumer with email to send and receive internet payments securely, quickly and cost-effectively. With its office headquarters in Montreal, Canada, AlertPay is available to users all around world."

I've been a user of PayPal for a long time, and while PayPal has decreased their fees be aware that more economical alternatives do exist. Alertpay is one such alternative payment processor. What I like most is their slightly lower fee structure.

Take a look at this

The following details the fees that AlertPay charges you for processing your transaction.

Type of account: Personal Premium Secured

Personal AccountPremium AccountSecured Account
Open an account Free Free Free
Receive funds $1.00 USD 2.50 % + $0.25 USD 3.90 % + $0.59 USD
Send money Free Free Free
Withdraw Funds
e-gold 4.00 % 4.00 % 4.00 %
Check $2.00 USD $2.00 USD $2.00 USD
Bank Transfer $0.50 USD $0.50 USD $0.50 USD
Add Funds
e-gold 2.50 % 2.50 % 2.50 %
Check Free Free Free
Bank Wire $20.00 USD $20.00 USD $20.00 USD
Bank Transfer Free Free Free
Money Order Free Free Free

As you can clearly see, their fees ARE lower than PayPal's, but can you trust them? So far I've heard nothing but good things about them, and my personal experience has been positive.

So which account should you open. Well, I would recommend starting off with a Personal Account, and later on if you need to accept credit card payments (for example if you sell on ebay or other auctions sites) then you can upgrade to a Premium Account. The secured account has absolutely no business restrictions on it. But the main selling point of the secured account is the "chargeback prevention" feature. I haven't really tested their secured account, so I can't really say how effective their chargeback prevention scheme is. By the way, I have a premium account.

You may have noticed that Alertpay will allow you to convert the money in your Alertpay account into e-gold and vice versa. I think this an absolutely spectacular feature! As far as their fees for doing this are concerned, well, they are competitive to say the least. You could get better fees somewhere else, but don't forget that you are paying a bit extra for the convenience.

So, in conclusion, the payment processing market is heating up, which in the end will be of great benefit to us consumers.

Look forward to me reviewing other payment processors/electronic currencies in the future.

Oh, and before I forget, if you want to open up an account with Alertpay, just follow this link:

Agloco: Get Paid Cash to Surf the Web

Greetings. I'm back again with another review of a promising internet earning opportunity. The name you want to keep in mind is Agloco.

Do you realize how valuable you are? Advertisers, search providers and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you making? NONE! :(

Turn that frown up-side down because Agloco is here with a genuine opportunity for you.

AGLOCO collects money from those companies on behalf of its members. For example, Google currently pays AOL 10 cents for every Google search by an AOL user. And Google still has enough profit to pay $1.6 billion dollars for YouTube, an 18-month old site full of content that YouTube’s users did not get paid for!

AGLOCO will work to get its Members their share of this and more.

AGLOCO is building a new form of online community that they call an Economic Network. They are not only paying Members their fair share, but they’re building a community that will generate the kind of fortune that YouTube made. But instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get its share.

What's the catch? No catch - no spyware, no pop-ups and no spam - membership and software are free and AGLOCO is 100% member owned. Privacy is a core value and AGLOCO never sells or rents member information.

Pretty cool. Now what's even cooler is Agloco's viewbar technology.

The Viewbar™ is a small toolbar that rests on the bottom of your screen or browser window while you surf the Internet. The Viewbar™ software is what enables AGLOCO to collect the money you are earning while browsing the Internet.

The Viewbar™ keeps track of your online interests and preferences, and uses that information to deliver the most valuable message to you at the right time. Because privacy is a core principle of AGLOCO, the Viewbar™ communicates with our secure servers in an encrypted fashion to keep your information private.

Some people have asked: “Is the Viewbar™ some kind of ‘spyware’?” The answer is simple: The Viewbar™ is the opposite of spyware. Spyware sneaks onto your computer without your knowledge or permission, it steals your private information, and it’s nearly impossible to remove. Unlike spyware, the Viewbar™ is completely permission based, it keeps your information private, and you can always turn it off with a single click.

The AGLOCO Viewbar™ (currently in limited beta) is shown below:

As you can see the bar (will be released in a few days from now) sits at the bottom of your web browser.

To become a member of this exciting opportunity click this link: