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Apr 24, 2007

Attention "Take the Internet Back" members - good news!

great news for all "Take the Internet Back" members, we have a new website that we own!

Here is a quote from the TIB Admin crew:

"Our new website is now ready and available. Please go to and take a look. After all – you do own it. There is no other website like it on the internet at this time!!! It is unique in every aspect and we have it and own it. In a nutshell – it is an Ebay style website where people bid for services. But not just for ordinary services either. Have you ever needed a babysitter in a pinch? Someone to run errands? Someone to do yard work? Someone to do odd jobs? If you have looked, there really is no place online to find such a person…until now. We will invest quite a bit of money to make this website work, but we do need our owners help. Join and pass the word to EVERYONE that you know. For the next 90 days – it is free to join and free to post. There will be no cost for anything except advertising.

Some of you may be a bit skeptical, but do you remember Ebay when they started? No one thought that they would grow into a huge company. We now have that same opportunity and you will also earn from this website as you are all part owners of Bidhire as well as TIB. With your help, we can make this program a resounding success!!! Ebay is worth billions after only 10 years. We can do the same as we are the pioneer in this type of website. Use it, refer people to it, recommend it. IT’S FREE TO ALL!!!

There may be a few undetected bugs still roaming around in both of the above websites. If you find any, please call it to our attention at . We hope that there are none, but sometimes they do not appear until more users join. Please look for any errors or bugs and do let us know so we can fix them."

You're not a member of TIB (take the internet back) yet? :o I am shocked..:) ok, ok, here, just click the banner below to join:

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