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Apr 2, 2007


As promised, here is the second online investing opportunity that I am going to let you guys in on. This program is ran by a gentleman by the name of Peter. The investment pool generates profits by trading in the FOREX market (currency trading) just like the first program that I've mentioned (Infinity-Shares). Peter is really good at what he does (I wish he would teach me his trading methods) and is able to generate over 20% per month. His goal is to make 1% per day; whatever he makes over 1% goes to himself. I for one am quite happy with 20% per month! The program uses e-gold as the method of investment, so you better have an e-gold account. If you do not (tisk tisk), see the post below for links to e-gold's website and to a "market-maker" which will sell you e-gold (for a nominal fee).

Now for more program specifics. The minimum investment amount is $20 USD. This should make this genuine opportunity available to most of you. I would suggest you start with $100 USD, that way you earn $20 per month and you can re-invest that $20 (because as I said the minimum deposit is $20).

In case you are wondering I have plenty of due diligence on the admin (ie proof of real trading happening)

UPDATE April 11, 2007:

Sorry folks, this program is so good that I changed my mind about sharing it with the public.

Ok, Ok, if you really really badly want in on this program and you're a serious investor, then in return for a small fee of $10 I'll let you in on it. Later on I might change my mind if too many people ask me to get in on this program, so get in now before I delete this post. (payable via e-gold) (this should deter those of you who aren't serious - tire kickers!)

To pay me, click the button below, then send me an e-mail to with the transaction details (account number, batch number, etc) and request that I send you the "referral" link:

Pay Now with e-gold...

If you have any questions e-mail me at

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