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May 2, 2007

Looking to buy e-gold or pecunix with paypal?

Greetings dear readers. I've been selling my e-gold in exchange for paypal to a select group of people, and it's been going pretty good so far, so I've decided to enlarge my "customer base" as they say in marketing lingo.

If you want e-gold or pecunix and have paypal to give, then let me know and we can arrange to do business.

Here are my business terms:

1) All business will be conducted via e-mail communication

2) You must have a verified paypal account

3) I only accept paypal payments funded via bank transfer or from other paypal accounts

4) NO credit card funded payments (only by special request, but my fees will be substantially higher - see below for details)

5) My fee for this service is 20% (paypal to e-gold involved substantial risk on my part!)

6) I accept payments in Canadian (CAD) & United States (USD) Dollars

7) Buyer pays first (no exceptions)

So for example let's say you want $30 USD worth of e-gold. You will have to send me a payment of $36 USD because 20% of $30 is equal to $6. If you need help figuring this out just go to and type in the following "20% of ". So you would then send me a paypal payment for the amount you want PLUS 20% of that.

There really aren't many people who would be willing to do this, so I'm taking a substantial risk; hence the higher fees.

I CAN do credit card funded paypal payments, but only by special request. You will have to provide me with the following pieces of information before I will accept your business.

I will need the following (besides the obvious credit card info):

1) Your credit card company's toll free phone number
2) A scanned copy of a national ID card (ie. Driver's License, Passport) that matches the info on your credit card obviously - don't try any funny business! :)

No I will NOT steal your personal info! I only require this so as to make the transaction safe for both of us. You will find that I am an honest man who doesn't really need to rip you off to survive. There are almost no major exchangers that will accept paypal payments, and I don't blame them; PayPal is risky! I'm willing to bear this risk provided that I can trust you.

Trusted & frequent purchasers get a %5 discount!

I define a frequent purchaser as someone who performs more than 5 transactions per month. Thus, such a person would pay a transaction fee of only %15

Direct all business inquiries at:

*stay tuned as eventually I will have a website where you can automatically purchase e-currencies via paypal - and the fees will be lower since I won't have to do as much work*


Tdinoz said...

Curious as don't do this with paypal ever only to friends but How do you tell if a paypal account has been funded by bank transfer or from other accounts?

Alan V said...

Well, you can't really tell if the account has been funded from a bank account or from other accounts. The only thing I can go on is the honesty and integrity of the purchaser - that is why I am asking a high transaction fee; to protect myself from the financial risk. However, sometimes you can tell cause some people send via eCheck which you know is coming from their bank account. Also another good policy is to have a 10 day waiting period, that way if there is any hacked account issues, you might hear from the rightful owner. Paypal to e-gold and vice versa is risky, but I am willing to offer that service to a small group of people.