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May 1, 2007

ClubFX-Trader got hacked! e-gold account emptied by hacker!

This is *bleep*'ing unbelievable! I just lost $300 from this! I am no longer recommending this program due to serious incompetence on the part of the admin (maybe outright theft!).


Very very bad news
Hi all,

I have some very very bad news…

because of what is happening with e-gold i decided to take the advice of some of the members and move the trading from an e-gold based platform to a dollar one and start to accept deposits by bank wire (in spite of the delays etc).

Well I moved the funds to e-gold and was in the process of transferring them to another trading platform when we got severely hacked. I have personaly lost about one and a half times the members funds all put together. I feel sick, I don’t know how they accessed the e-gold account, It should have at least sent me a pin number but it never did.

I am stunned… I don’t know what to say to you, or what to do. I can’t believe that someone can be so evil and do something like that.

I never told anyone yet that I was moving platforms and transfering the funds (for obvious security reasons). I cant believe it… why cant they leave us alone to do something good. Why take it all, They emptied the whole account, my God, is this world so evil.

I am terribly sorry for all the pain this is going to cause the members. No one lost any money with my trading, i even paid members who’s account was hacked the first time, so why must they steal it.

I don’t understand it, we are doing a good thing, why steal it from us. My heart is heavy and I don’t know what to say.

I will e-mail copies of the transactions from e-gold so that every one can see I’m telling the truth, I am deeply deeply sorry, for all of us.

I am still here if anyone would like to talk to me, i am not going anywhere, you can e-mail me or talk to me at goldentalk. I’ll leave the site up so that you can contact me from there if you wish.

I will send screenshots of the e-gold account to anyone who wants to see them, for you to see the transactions. I have written to e-gold and told them, but i’m not very hopefull because of their one way policy.

I am very very sorry, for you and my own loss which right now is too much for me to comprehend. This is the last straw. I am going to sit on the beach now and try to make some sence of this. I’m sorry.



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