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May 26, 2007

InfinityShares: Update from admin! read

Dear members,

It's been a busy past few weeks here at InfinityShares. Christian is finally back from Manila and is happy to say that his father is doing better, and that he will be back to full-time trading within the week. We have had a few problems in the past month with Chris gone, and some over- jealous people reporting IS as an Illegal HYIP to our host's datacenter, which in turn our host had to release us early from our hosting contract, but being the nice people they were, they backed everything up before suspending the account so there was no loss of data whatsoever. We have successfully migrated to another, more reliable, dedicated host, but the transition wasnt without hiccup. We had to spend a few days reconfiguring some parts of the script and the server to fully make sure that IS is 100% up again.

We are now happy to report that IS is 100% up, the site is there, everyone can log in again and see their account status(it always helps to be sure, double check everything). Pending payments will be made within 24 hours.

The funds from the old broker have all been pulled out and have been transferred to our new broker, a Luxembourg based broker.

We have been busy the whole week testing out the new broker, and are happy to report that the broker does indeed satisfy our needs for our tech trading strategies.

E-Gold Situation:

IS has stopped taking new deposits via e-gold, and is now exploring other means to process payments. We still have about 3% of the total capital available in E-gold, so there is a slight risk of losing that in case something does happen to e-gold, but we're pretty confident that e-gold will pull through this one. We will be starting a poll soon to see which alternative payment processor members would prefer if ever we would need to change processors.

CLUB Changes:

-The sign up link has now been removed from the front page, there will be no blind signups. Anyone who wishes to sign up have to be recommended by an existing member. Simply read the homepage and further instructions on the forum on how to register.

-All of the inactives (0 shares, no cash balance) have been deleted.
-There will be organizational changes with regard to structure of Infinity Shares, more will be announced in the coming weeks.
-The forum is no longer accessible to non-members of the Club and unknown members have been deleted, current members of the main site (ISFIC) can simply sign up on the forum with their username on ISFIC
-We are doing everything in our capacities to make IS as legal as possible. Discussions are already underway, if any member has any ideas/advice/suggestion on helping IS become 100% legal, then dont hesitate to drop us an email, or join the discussions in our forums or on Jude's nobsnetwork IS thread.
- The Terms of Service will be adjusted to fit our new Club Changes

Kind Regards,

IS Forex Investment Club

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