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May 1, 2007

How to protect yourself when accesing your e-currency accounts

Good :) I know some of you are victims of e-gold theft. Getting your account hacked is not cool at all. I know some people who have lost thousands! My account was hacked a while back (year or so), but thanks fully I did not leave much idle gold in the account (like $20) so I did not lose a lot, but still, a loss is a loss. Since there I have learned my lesson, and now I'd like to give you all some advice on how to keep hackers out of your e-gold account (or e-bullion and other such currencies too).

What I am going to recommend is going to go beyond the standard "have an anti-virus program and anti-spyware software". Simply having an anti-virus program is good, but still it doesn't provide the ultimate in protection. The problem is this: Windows is insecure! Once you realize that you might appreciate what I'm about to suggest.

So here it goes, I am going to show you folks a very good method of securely accessing your e-currency accounts. It involves ditching Windows and using a more secure platform.

1: Go to and download a copy of Ubuntu's Desktop Linux Distribution

2: Once you've downloaded a copy of the ISO (cd image file) use your favorite CD burning application to burn a copy of the image to a blank CD.

3: Pop the CD in the drive and make sure boot from the CD-ROM drive (some of you may have to change a setting in the BIOS to do this - if you don't know what a BIOS is then don't worry about this step, just pop the CD in and hope it will ask you to "press any key to boot from the CD-ROM drive")

4: At this point the Ubuntu Linux CD will start to load and it will display a progress bar. Once the loading process is complete you will be presented with a beautiful desktop.

5: Congratulations, you now have a fully functional Linux operating system running off the CD-ROM drive! You can open up firefox and other applications from the friendly "start menu" at the top left-side of the screen

6: Use Firefox to log into your e-currency account and do your usual business

7: Once you are done with your business simply restart the computer and eject the CD

8: That's it!

Wasn't that easy? Now this is a great method, but I would suggest actually installing Ubuntu to the hard drive of spare machine and use that computer as your "secure transactions" workstation.

To install Ubuntu all you have to do is when the CD is done loading and you're at the desktop, just click on the "Install" icon located on the desktop at the center left side, and then follow the instructions and you should be all set.

Also, please, please, for your own safety, SET A SECURE PASSWORD - ONE THAT IS OF SUFFICIENT COMPLEXITY AND LENGTH AS TO NOT BE EASILY GUESSED! AND ALWAYS USE THE E-GOLD SRK feature (read more about it on e-gold's website)

That's all, I hope this has been an informative post for you and I'll see you next time.

Alan out!

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