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May 17, 2007

Please-Invest is down! Goodbye Ponzi!

t comes as no surprise to me that Please-Invest is down. Quirky explanation from the admin himself.

"Dear Please Invest users

Anyone who has been paying close attention to Please Invest for the past two weeks will be well aware that as of the end of April we have been demonstrating difficulty is completing pending withdrawals. This was caused by many events ranging from the indictment of e-gold to a mass withdrawal by members. I will be honest. For months now, Please Invest has been operating without 100% stability and was always at risk of failing. This was primarily caused by our exorbitant advertising costs which were necessary to ensure that round two would be possible. Unfortunately the final straw was the indictment of e-gold which lead to a mass exodus within the program.

Round 1 of Please Invest is now complete and we will be starting round 2 tomorrow. All accounts have been credited with a 100% loss. All withdrawals have been cancelled and everything is set and ready to go again. This time, Please Invest will operate with the strictest of rules and will not experience such problems as it did during round 1. Round 2 will be entirely backed by real investment activities and will not be a ponzi.


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