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May 2, 2007

I just might get my $300 back :)) - ClubFX-Trader update

From the program's admin:

"Hi all,

Ok, this is the recovery plan. I have secured enough money to make a start, it will take a few days to get it to trade but that's not a problem.

1. I will be trading with the money I borrowed and paying members back on a monthly basis.

2. Nothing is guaranteed, I am doing this because I value my good name more than your e-gold and The risk is all on me.

3. I am using my own assets to secure the funds. I don't have to do this, we were genuinly hacked and I have an e-gold account to prove it, and letters to and from e-gold etc.

4. Once I start re-paying everyone I will not tollerate this kind of abuse. Conciliator, that especially includes you.

5. Any decisions that I make are mine to make since I am using my own assets to help you get your e-gold back.

6. I have closed the site e-mail, I don't appreciate hate mail at a time like this. Those that sent hate mail can forget about getting anything back.

7. I will be aiming to give everyone a portion of the amount they deposited each month till the whole amount has been settled, I do not guarantee any profits but if things go well... well, we'll see.

8. If I recover any of the stolen funds it becomes mine, including (if there is enough recovered) any profits associated. However I do not believe at this time that there is any hope of recovering anything.

I will restore an email for the members to use to contact me once everyone has calmed down a little.

When the e-gold situation first broke out I had a flury of e-mails saying that we should look for an alternative, since I trade on more than one platform it is not too difficult for me to move funds from one to the other, however one is e-gold and the other is not, (and there is very little in that account. So to move the money from the e-gold platform i needed to first put it in e-gold then send it by wire through Omnipay. That's not too hard to see, I did it before without any problems if you can remember when we moved from Marketiva. also I told everyone after the fact, even a little common sense says don't tell anyone you're moving money, before we got hacked members were saying get out of e-gold, now that we have been hacked members are saying why did you do it...!!! Well I did it because of the situation with e-gold. It was a prudent thing to do at the time.

Why did I do it all at once? well if you think back and try to remember, there was a sense of urgency at the time with the e-gold situation, You probably would have done the same thing under the same circumstances.

Why haven't I posted any more proof af what happened? well I was giving anyone who asked all the proof that I had, including letters to and from e-gold, screenshots of the e-gold account etc and still I was getting shot down, if the correspondence from e-gold and screen shots were not enough then nothing will be, The dogs were out to get me and nothing was going to stop them. So why bother.

The way I am working it now everyone will get their money back and I'll be able to sleep at night, even tho' I know I could still have a clear concience even if I don't do this... we were hacked, I never stole anyones money.

I'm sticking my neck out here, I'm not asking for gratitud, but a little acknowlegment and less tearing my heart out will be helpfull. I've already lost enough and now I'm committing to try make sure that you dont lose also. So to all the winers, wind your neck in, dry your eyes and lets get on with it.


Well, this might take a while, but at least I (and many others) can get my money back - slowly. After this, I don't know if I will ever trust the admin again. Most likely I will be more cautious and make sure I ask the program admin whether he uses windows to make his e-gold transfers, if he does I will refuse to invest!

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