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Jul 4, 2007

New investment opportunity: PPREI - Paradise Property Real Estate Investments

Greetings my dear readers. Today I'm going to review and let you know about an excellent investment opportunity that I am involved with. First off let me just say that I love real estate investing, so I am excited to let you know about just one of the real estate investment opportunities that I am involved with. The program I am going to review is called PPREI - Paradise Property Real Estate Investments. PPREI is incorporated in the Turks And Caicos Islands ( PPREI LTD Registered No. E.36117 )

As you can tell from the name, PPREI is an investment group deals strictly with offshore beach front properties - or "paradise properties, as the group likes to call them. It is by far one of the most lucrative real estate investment arena! Lately beach-front properties have been steadily increasing in value and now is the time to invest while the barrier to entry in this offshore properties arena isn't too high.

Here is how PPREI describes the opportunity being offered to us.

"At PPREI we do what we love to do. Buy and Sell Real Estate!

Not everyone has the ability or option to buy and sell. It takes money to invest in Real Estate and especially in the Caribbean. While many large investors do invest with us, PPREI is mainly for those smaller to medium type investors that are perhaps just starting out or want to expand their investment portfolio in one of the most reliable investments on the planet. That is what we at PPREI are trying to do. Give the little guy an opportunity to get in, without risking a lot. We started out as a small investor looking for that 1 investment to make it big. Needless to say, we found that investment and that is now what we are offering you.

No, PPREI has not been online for very long. But we have been doing this on a smaller scale offline for a number of years now.

We are not a Get Rich Quick scheme. If you are looking for one, then you might as well surf away from this website. We only offer real opportunities in Real Estate which are long term safe and reliable investments. With that being said, there will be opportunities to buy property with the intent of selling within a few short months, but again they are not going to make you rich, just a decent return."

Yes you've read it correctly, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Real estate investing takes time!

Now, how does one invest in offshore real estate through PPREI? Read below:


Investing in PPREI is not only simple but SAFE, as we never take your funds. They will stay in ESCROW until you earn your entire investment amount back. How is this possible? We utilize FriendlyPay's Escrow system where we cannot accept the money and you cannot cancel the money and take it back. It sits there until you approve it to be sent to us, or we decide to return it to you.

You indicate which investment plan you want to invest in and then transfer your funds into the Escrow system, where it stays.

Our investment plans range from $500 up to $25000 per unit. Each investment plan has a certain number of units available. The profit generated from the property whether weekly, monthly or by the sale of property, is split equally among each unit. Essentially the more units you have, the more you will earn.

Some of the property will be rented out weekly, others will be turned into resorts and then rented out daily, while others will be held until the time is right to sell. You will see in your members account which investment properties will be used for what purpose before you make your decision as to what will work best for you."

I must say this is one neat concept - the use of escrow. Your money stays safe 100% of the time.
Have more questions? Here is some FAQs:

Only FriendlyPay's Escrow system.

No, but you can fund your FriendlyPay account with Egold and then transfer to PPREI via their Escrow.

This is a system that protects both you and PPREI. After you transfer the money to us via Escrow, we cannot accept the money unless you approve it to be sent to us. Remember you do not complete the transfer of funds in Escrow until you earn EVERY PENNY back that you invested.


Yes, we do need money but we either take out a loan, or we will have already purchased these properties and are now giving you the opportunity to buy into the profit. Only AFTER you earn your initial investment amount back, then you would transfer the money in Escrow to us. This is only after you have earned EVERY PENNY of your initial investment amount back.


We need your help to continue to make purchases on existing and new developments. By bringing in a number of investors it allows PPREI to purchase more, increase profits for you as well as us and helps to build a secure future for everyone involved. It just makes good business sense for our company and for those that invest.

Why would you want to? Real Estate is the most secure form of investing there is. Yes, it will take some time to recover your initial deposit but the property will continue to increase in value and as such so will your potential profit when the property is sold. You are always guaranteed to receive your initial amount back at the very least. In most cases, you will double or triple your money. HOWEVER, if you want a refund, we do provide them but there is a 30% penalty. We can sell your spot to someone else and if we do this, then no penalty will be charged.

Please be aware that you are not purchasing the property itself but the profit generated from that property. The legal information for each property will be accessible to those that invest in it.

Absolutely! Each investor will be given time to stay in the rental property they have invested in. The allotted time (not specific dates, as you are free to chose the timing of your vacation, as long as it is not already pre-rented, so please CONTACT PPREI BEFORE MAKING ANY PLANS!) will be based on the property, the investing amount, etc.

Absolutely nothing! If you can purchase property privately, feel free. We have just found that it is more advantageous and easier to be purchasing property as a group. You do not have to rely on your own credit, pay large sums of upfront fees and down payments, make the monthly mortgage payment on your own, find someone to manage the property, find someone to clean the property, ....the list is truly endless. PPREI brings to investors the ability to invest in amazing properties without all the hassle.

Ok, now for a sample of the latest investment opportunity available to you (limited to the first 150 people!!!)

We have just reserved a number of these lots. We are calling this the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL as that is what it is. For $100/month you cannot afford to miss out on this one.

If all you want to do is save money and not care about investing in Real Estate then this is perfect for you. The return on your money is by far better then any bank will ever pay you. For every $100 monthly payment, look to receive $400 to $600+ in return (once we sell the lot).

2 years ago beach and ocean front property on the main Island was affordable to most (under $150,000). Now it is a luxury only for the rich, selling at more then $1,000,000 USD. Property on the surrounding Islands are soon to be out of reach and not worth it from an investors point of view. The timing is right and for $100/month.............

Turks & Caicos is home to one of the worlds most fantastic reefs (rated 3rd largest in the world), and has the clearest water you will ever find, with miles of white sand beaches. It should also be noted that the government has put in place a high regard for the environment and are very environmentally friendly to help preserve the beauty and sustainability that is Turks & Caicos.

The lots highlighted in pink are the lots available. We do not know which ones we have as they have not come on the market yet. We have only put a reservation deposit in and will be one of the first to choose what lots we want. They will be Ocean and Beach front lots you can be sure.

  • Your Cost to invest:
    • $100 USD per month for 24 months for a total of $2400 USD
      • OR
    • 1 time payment of $2000 USD
There is only room for 150 people to invest into this one. A minimum of 50 people to invest or this will be a no go on the PPREI offer list.

  • Earning Potential From Investment:
    • 4 to 10 times your invested amount.

Estimated time till we sell for max earning potential - 2 years.

Possible Side Earning Potential:

  • If all investors agree we might build (which is our preferred option on Ocean Front) and keep this as a vacation rental where it would rent for as high as $5000/week in high season and as low as $2500 - $3000/week in the low season. These rates would guarantee full occupancy at all times. Thus you would earn weekly profit. We would then sell for even higher when the time came.

I think I've said enough! Now it is up to you if you want to join me in this program or not.

To join this investment opportunity or find out more just click on the banner below! (it will open up the website in a new window)

UPDATE: Click here for due diligence information that I just recently gathered

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