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Jul 9, 2007

Take the Internet Back (TIB): Update on my earnings

Hi everyone. I know some of you might not care about my current earnings from "Take the Internet Back" (TIB), but I just want you to see that it IS possible to earn a little bit of cash on the side for little to no work. If you refer people you will 3 points (shares) per person. If your referral generates another member, they get 3 points and you will get 1 point. Getting referrals should be very easy with our program since it is free and even gives away money and software. The more referrals that you get, the more points that you will accumulate. Points mean ownership percentage.

As you can see I did not exactly earn a million dollars, but then again I did not put a lot of effort into promoting "Take the Internet Back) (TIB) due to lack of time.

Here are my statistics for all the world to see how rich I am ;)


Points number : 686
Mail(s) read : 665

Available money : $16.91
Total amount requested : $0
Amount paid : $0

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