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Jul 4, 2007

Update from TIB administration (Take the Internet Back)

"Hello everyone. Just a few quick TIB notes. First and foremost – some of you are still charging back advertising charges. If you see a charge on your credit card statement that says Vivamin – it is for TIB advertising. If you have submitted a chargeback – then please reverse it now. We have finally fixed this problem and it will now say IT Center on your receipt, and on your credit card statement. Please note that for future reference.

Bidhire has been revamped and is now ready to launch with the new member/owner format. Out of almost 90,000 members, only 2 objected somewhat to the new format. The thing we have to understand is that the internet is a numbers game and the old Bidhire was just not doing the numbers. Now – we can own 100% of a website doing nothing – or 20% of a website that has the potential to do billions. The choice to us was obvious – and we have made the necessary changes. If you are interested, then please go to and check it out now. Join if you want to be part of this historic concept. Bidhire is a niche website and there are no others out there like it. Help it grow and you can also own it too!!

A lot of you are simply doing nothing and hoping to make money from TIB. Yes – TIB is free but there are some requirements to become an owner. One is to have at least 2 people in your downline. If you have not done that yet – then you are NOT an owner. All you need is 2 people in your downline – who will join for free. Plus – we are going to be adding a bunch of new and fantastic downloads to the members area very shortly – all for free. Everything on TIB except advertising is free – so it should not be that hard to recruit a few more members. Please do your part as we are starting to slow down a bit. Get the word out!!!

That’s it for now. Have a great day!!

TIB Admin"

my apology for the messed up characters in the quotation - must be a weird formatting error.

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