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Jul 15, 2007

New AdBux Clone:

Hi everyone. Well, I just ran across another AdBux clone, and it's called AdBuddy. Just like, has almost the same website template as AdBux. I really don't know what's up with all these AdBux clones multiplying like rabbits. Overall I like AdBux and its clones because it's an easy and quick way to make some spare cash - especially if you refer other to the service. For the time being I'll put this one under the rubric of "HOT "Paid to" Programs", and I'll begin testing it when I have some spare time (I really don't have much time these days to mess around with these low earning pay to click programs) to click on ads, and I'll notify you folks when I reach payout (I'll provide proof of paypal payment).

Oh I should mention that in my opinion AdBuddy is a huge improvement when compared to AdBux or It has by far more features and is more well thought out and implemented, even though it pretty much looks almost the same (template style). Then again, I suppose copying a successful and proven website template is good business practice from a certain point of view, even though it is unoriginal.

For you early adopters or for those that like AdBux or CLICK HERE TO JOIN ADBUDDY.NET

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