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Apr 5, 2007

e-gold: 100% gold backed digital currency

Greetings! This time I am not here to tell you about any opportunities, but instead I'm going to rave about e-gold. E-gold is a digital-currency 100% backed by gold, or as some people prefer to say it, a Digital Gold Currency (DGC). So why am I telling you about a supposed "digital currency", and what exactly are "digital currencies", and why is e-gold important. OK, OK, I know you have a lot of questions, so I'll try to address as many as I can.

First of all, I am a big fan of digital-currencies, but I am an even bigger fan of what I consider to be the best digital-currencies; those backed by precious metals. E-gold is such a digital-currency, which guarantees that your money is backed by pure gold. Why is this important? Well, e-gold is free-market money, and therefore it cannot be manipulated by any government. E-gold is also a truly international currency, as it is nothing more than gold circulated electronically. What you are truly doing when you purchasing e-gold (more about this later) is you are taking ownership of pure gold. Gold cannot be inflated, and therefore cannot be devalued by inflation as often happens to fiat currencies.

So what are the advantages of e-gold? Here is all that you need to know:

Immediate payment no waiting for checks to clear or credits to be made.

No chargebacks "Get paid, stay paid" unlike credit card payments.

Secure, user friendly access to your account

Easy shopping cart interface anyone can accept e-gold on their web site.

Low fees lower than credit cards or competing payment services. (they really mean this! e-gold has the LOWEST FEES of any payment processor - lower than paypal!)

Refer accounts, make money using the e-gold Incentive program.

Buy or sell e-gold from/to the independent exchange service who best meets your needs.

Note: The above statement is very important! Since e-gold is a true currency, you cannot just purchase it from the e-gold company directly. Someone who already has e-gold in his/her account must send it to your account. Some people/companies are willing to exchange their e-gold for fiat currencies
(US Dollar, etc) for a small fee of course. Althought e-gold has a subsidiary company called Omnipay which will sell you gold in exchange for US dollar, there numerous other companies (e-gold calls them "market makers") who will provide you with the same service - sometimes with lower service fees than e-gold's Omnipay.

Available Worldwide the world's first truly global payment option.

Since e-gold is a true digital currency, you can send money to anyone in the world, as long as they have access to a computer and an internet connection. There are even DEBIT CARDS you can purchase from some companies which will allow you to instantly withdraw your e-gold in the form of fiat currency at any ATM machine in the world - pretty convenient if you ask me.

Ok, I think I've got you convinced! So click this link to open up an e-gold account today!:

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