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Apr 17, 2007

Want to make tons of cash promoting digital products?

If you read the title and you say yes to the question posed in it, then you should read this blog entry as I'm going to introduce you to Clickbank. Clickbank has grown to become extremely popular with online marketers. The main reason is that it will allow you to earn HUGE commissions from promoting other people's (to sell your products in Clickbank's marketplace read this post). I've seen commissions as high as %70, but I'm sure some sellers are willing to give you a higher commission rate.

The Clickbank system works like this:

You sign-up and get an unique clickbank id. You then take this userid and insert it into what are called "hop-links" (dont worry all of this jargon will be explained in Clickbanks's very informative FAQ - they even have tutorials showing you how to do this). Once you've inserted your clickbank id into a hop-link, all you have to do is promote the hop-link along with the product associated iwth that hop-link on your website, blog, traffic-exchange, etc. If you get a sale you will receive your commission instantly to your clickbank account.

Clickbank will then write you a cheque for the commission amount! It's that simple. For all the tiny details that I cannot go into (don't worry no hidden catches) here for lack of space, you're going to have to checkout Clickbank's FAQ.

So, if you want to join Clickbank and earn money just visit their website by following this link:

*I am in no way associated with Clickbank or promoting their service, I am just a regular Clickbank user who thought you'd be interested in knowing how I use Clickbank to make money

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