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Jul 11, 2007

New Affiliate Program: VMC Satellite

Hello my dear readers. I'm back once again to let you know about a new affiliate program you can use to make big $. It goes by the name of VMC Satellite, and what you'll be doing is promoting Dish Network's satellite TV system.

VMC Exclusive Benefits:

  • 2X per month payments for phone and online orders
  • Web site co-branding with the “Brought to you by” tagline
  • Ability to create up to 100 unique sub-account tracking IDs to manage your online campaigns from one master account
  • Password protected live online tracking shows your unique visitors, page views, and actual purchases all in real time
  • Affiliates are paid on activations with a no chargeback model
  • SMARTsite tracking means anyone who visits our site though your line but does not order will be tracked using cookies... our cookies never expire
  • Excellent support for offline marketing, you get paid on phone orders and can even print custom print material to copy and distribute
  • Customers can signup and schedule installation 24 hours a day via the internet
  • VMC utilizes Direct Fulfillment by DISH giving us the fastest installation in most markets
  • Our excellent online presence is backed up by knowledgeable customer services reps, we have over 300 incoming phone lines and the staff to handle any volume you can send our way
  • You will receive an email instantly every time you make a sale (can be turned off)
  • One of the largest DISH Authorized Online Dealers and in business since 2000

Plus, VMC is a division of InPhonic, a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: INPC) we have the stability and financial backing to ensure you will be paid on time!

Commission Schedule

  • Affiliates get paid 2 times per month*
  • VMC pays 3 Levels Deep: You get paid for the work that your affiliates you recruited to sell DISH
DISH InstallsCommission
Direct Affiliate Sale$110
Level 2: Referral Install$15
Level 3: Referral Install$10

DISH Benefits
The best pricing bundled with the most popular channels and free equipment!

  • Free! 4 Room Professional Installation
  • Free! Digital Video Recorders and HDTV Equipment
  • Free! Movie Package for 3 Months

The affiliate tracking page provides the information to manage all your sales and is available using your password and login. Reports include:

  • View My Statistics Shows page views, unique visitors, total buys, and installs
  • Payment History Check number, payment date and payment amount

Plus, Affiliate Profile Information and Marketing Support Materials

Commission Schedule

  • Twice Monthly Payments VMC pays affiliates twice per month and checks are processed on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Payments are made on the 15th of each month cover all of your earnings from the previous pay period. For example, all of your sales that resulted in an installation from March 1 - March 15 will be paid to you on March 15. All checks are mailed through US MAIL from our corporate headquarters in Great Falls, VA.

Affiliates are Independent Contractors under IRS regulations and VMC does not deduct taxes from the commission payments. Commissions are paid a full commission without any deductions and as an affiliate you will receive IRS Form 1099 from VMC stating the total income paid for the calendar year.


Click here to join VMC Satellite today and earn big commissions!

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