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Jul 26, 2007

c-gold is growing at a phenomenal rate

Wow! I am impressed with the phenomenal rate of growth that c-gold (Commerce Gold) has experienced since opening up shop. They've only been in business for roughly two weeks and as you can see from the info below they are just to be a big hit with e-currency users. I think that they have picked a good time to enter into the market since their main competitor e-gold is having some legal issues that will take some time to resolve. In the meantime c-gold is quietly taking market share from them. Anyways, that's about it for now. I mainly wanted you all to get a feel for how quickly this e-currency system is growing. Take care.

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(as of: 27-Jul-2007 0:51:15 AM GMT)

  • This is a real-time audit utility which calculates and displays the total quantity of
    c-gold in all customer's accounts and total physical bullion backing the currency.
  • All weights displayed are fine weight.
  • You can find c-gold system statistics here
c-gold Balance Summary
Total c-gold in Circulation Physical Gold Bullion Held
6200.0000 (G) 6200.0000 (G)

Physical Bullion Holdings Composition
Item Type Mark Serial Number Purity Fine Weight (G)
2) Bar Credit Suisse BN 6758272 .999 1000
3) Bar Credit Suisse BN 5308572 .999 1000
4) Bar IndoGold 92-007419 .999 100
5) Bar IndoGold 98-103198 .999 1000
6) Bar IndoGold 98-140621 .999 1000
7) Bar Credit Suisse BN 319208 .999 1000
8) Bar IndoGold 94-062811 .999 100
9) Bar Mitsubishi (AsMe) B06098 .999 1000

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