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Apr 3, 2007

Take The Internet Back

Greetings. I am back with another great online opportunity. This one is not a HYIP, but is instead a Paid-to-Read (PTR) program with a twist. What's the twist, you ask. Well, image if every advertising e-mail you read earns you a point which counts as a share in the company's profits? Sounds good? I thought so to. The opportunity is called "Take The Internet Back", and it has been developed by the folks at WLPP IT Center. Right now they are in their beginning stages so it isn't too late to get in on the action. The really great thing is that you get 3 "shares" for every confirmed referral you bring in! So for those of you who are really good ad advertising/promoting/marketing , here is your chance to profit from your talents.

You will be given $10 for FREE just for joining! You can request a payout (via paypal) once you reach $20, so you're half-way there just by signing up. From there on, every e-mail you read will earn you share in the company and whatever profits are made by the company from advertising (after all advertisers pay to send you e-mails) will be given to members like you in the forms of dividends.

I should also mention that you too as a member can send out advertisements to all the other members (they have very good advertising rates). You can e-mail over 61,000 members!

Don't forget to promote your referral link once you become a member!

Here is the link you need to get started:

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