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Apr 2, 2007

Infinity-Shares - Forex based HYIP

--UPDATE May 25, 2007---

Infinity-Shares is now a private forex club! That means that new investors will have to be invited by an existing member! Sorry folks, as with all good things people want to keep it to themselves. If you still want to get in I can refer a LIMITED number of people, but please note that you have to join with a least 20 shares (which is roughly about $100) to be eligible for membership. E-mail me at allinvain6 at if you want to be invited (note that I will only allow hmm maybe 20 people to join as the more people join the more the share pool gets diluted)

Also read this post which tells you what procedure to follow to become a member!


Hi there! You are quite fortunate to have found this blog, because today I am going to tell you about a real online investment program that is for real. Yes, that's right, no HYIP scam! This program is based on FOREX trading, and has been online for a bit (May 6,2006). I have been an investor in this program for about 3 months, and I am quite happy with the returns. I must state that the returns are REALISTIC (not 200% per day or some other nonsense).

Extensive due diligence has been done on this program; in fact, check out this link for an extensive review of this program:

You will notice that we have photos of the program administrators (and traders), along with statements of their forex trading account The person who performed the review of this program even had live access to their trading account, so we know that the traders are for real, and are not some scammers looking to run with our money. They are just two enthusiastic forex traders that need some starting capital, and in return for our investment capital they are willing to give us a realistic (I would say very good) return on our investment.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

"We are an online based Investment program and use our funds to trade on the forex market. launched on May 6, 2006.

"We are currently OPEN to new members and deposits. You can already become an investor when you buy only 2 shares. "

Currently the share price is 3.48 Euro. The program is based in Euros because their Forex broker is located in Europe so it makes things easier for them instead of converting between currencies.

Program performance:

"Since May we have made 47.26% profit (average of 8.89%/month when September is excluded). Our goal is not to give insane return, but to create a stable income for our members for a long time. We aim for a weekly return of 2% or higher."

To invest you must have an e-gold account. I hope you already have some e-gold to invest - if not go here to open an account:

To fund your e-gold account you'll need to purchase some e-gold from an e-gold market maker. One that I recommend is Goldex. You can find them at this link:

To join this program click the link below:

Note: make sure you have "allinvain" in the referral field otherwise you won't be able to join as this program requires you to be referred by someone already in the program.

That's all for now. Be on the lookout for two new real investment opportunities! I will post them soon.

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