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Jul 11, 2007

107 Money Saving Tips

If you can't save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you, according
to Brian Tracy. If you have a great business and your sales are huge, it
won't matter if you failed to save anything. Businesses fail all the time and
people are laid off all the time. Prepare for your future by saving and
investing all you can. Here are some EASY money saving ideas.

1) Quit or cut back on smoking.
2) Eat ramen noodles.
3) Eat instant rice.
4) Drive a fuel efficient car.
5) Shop at discount outlets.
6) Raise the deductibles on your auto insurance.
7) Try to buy used on Amazon and EBay.
8) Cancel credit card insurance.
9) Find the best prepaid long distance calling cards.
10) Eat out much less.
11) Make coffee at home.
12) Buy a 2 or 3 year old car.
13) Do not lease a car.
14) Get a no fee checking account.
15) Enjoy free things (sunsets, hugs, the radio, massages from your
spouse, etc).
16) Get a TV with a built in cable box. (This will lower your cable bill).
17) Use fluorescent light bulbs.
18) Use your local library.
19) Turn your thermostat down a bit.
20) Fill up your freezer and your freezer will require less energy.
21) Shop for the best travel deals online.
22) Cancel the caller ID.
23) Pay bills on time.
24) Pay bills online.
25) Use a cheap ISP.
26) Use a water filter rather than buying bottled water.
27) Delay all major purchases.
28) Buy term life insurance.
29) Buy beer from the distributor.
30) Subscribe to magazines. Don’t buy them at the store.
31) Consolidate your student loans.
32) Stock up on items you need when you get a great deal.
33) Change your oil and transmission fluid on time.
34) Go to matinees.
35) Know what you are saving for.
36) Eat leftovers.
37) Sell toys (boats, cars, etc.) that you don’t use.
38) Cut out middle men as much as possible.
39) Get regular check ups at the doctor’s office.
40) Don’t let a mooch, a crook, or a grossly immoral person into your life.
41) Don’t buy annuities, unless you have already maxed your Roth IRA
and 401K. You have to pay a big commission to get an annuity.
42) Don’t drive more than you need to.
43) Drive safely.
44) Don’t drive an expensive (esp. foreign) car.
45) Don’t plug vending machines.
46) Don’t buy appliance insurance.
47) Avoid interest only loans.
48) Don’t buy too big of a house.
49) Use ATM’s as little as possible.
50) Clip coupons.
51) Never co-sign a loan or credit card.
52) Avoid payday loans like the plague.
53) Control your temper. Don’t break things or damage relationships, etc.
54) Don’t buy things to impress other people.
55) Grow fruit and vegetables in your back yard.
56) Join BMG if you need to buy CDs. BMG is the best deal on music. Wal is cheap too.
57) Buy store brand and generic brand items whenever possible.
58) Don’t pay $200 to $400 for a customized subliminal. Make your own on
your PC or have the web master make one for you ($20.00).
59) Buy clothes during preseason and post season.
60) Save up for things you want, never finance.
61) Shop for the best interest rates on credit cards.
62) Set up an emergency fund of 3 to 12 months expenses.
63) Don’t get acupuncture or expensive food for your pets.
64) Don’t go to the mall.
65) Don’t get addicted to porn.
66) If you can manage, rent out a room or rent an apartment with a friend.
67) Buy separates, when shopping for clothes.
68) Buy a bread machine and use it.
69) Keep your body in good condition.
70) Return movie rentals on time.
71) Drink at home, rather than in bars.
72) If possible, work for UPS while in college.
73) Donate plasma for extra money.
74) Go to a community college for your first two years of college.
75) Put your change into a coffee can and deposit it when it is full.
76) Keep dues to a minimum.
77) Reduce “stand by power” by getting a power strip for your TV and
DVD player.
78) Use generic prescriptions if possible.
79) Cancel your mortgage insurance.
80) Buy treasury bills directly through the US Treasury dept.
81) Don’t smoke expensive cigars (at least not very often).
82) Fill up with regular unleaded, not super.
83) Skip the popcorn and pop at the matinee.
84) Sign up for the grocery store discount card.
85) Use shut off timers for the lights and water heater.
86) Bundle all your telephone bills with the same company.
87) In order to avoid identity theft, shred any documents that have
sensitive information.
88) Don’t do a lot of transactions on your 401K, you will get nickeled and
89) Get a prenup.
90) Call up your creditors and see if you can get better terms.
91) Do your laundry in the early morning or late at night.
92) Don't pay to e-file your tax return.
93) Seal the drafts under your doors.
94) Take advantage of senior and student discounts.
95) Don't buy a dvd unless you know you will watch it many times.
96) Trade and share with friends and family whenever possible.
97) Always return defective merchandise.

98) Don't leave the door open with the heat or AC on. (As Mom used to
99) Don't join an organization that requires dues, unless you really have to
and/or gonna get the most out of it.
100) Don't feel like your kids should have EVERYTHING.
101) Run the dishwasher only when full.
102) Never go to strip clubs.
103) Buy the better brands when there is a sale.
104) Maintain your PC yourself by using the steps at:
105) Don't borrow against your home.

106) Don't play the lottery.
107) Support local politicians that cut wasteful spending. This can lower
your taxes.

Now that you've read all of that it's time to INVEST the money you save! Browse around my blog and you'll find some excellent investment opportunities, and for you Canadians I even went through the trouble of reviewing the best savings accounts.

That's all for now,

Alan out.

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