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Jul 29, 2007

c-gold Announces Merchant Directory

Commerce Gold

Check out the latest news about c-gold (Commerce Gold) (C-gold) posted on the Digital Money World Blog.

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A company operator’s ability to communicate well with agents & merchants can signal big success for any retail digital currency company. Promoting long term growth by ’showcasing’ merchants and agents can help to build a very successful online operation.

In my opinion, if you operate an online payment system, you should also be featuring your merchants’ products and services. It may seem like a easy enough task but many currency operators either make too small of an effort or completely miss this side of the equation.

Over the years, I have received hundreds email messages asking, “where can I spend it?” Showing users the benefits of digital money means directing them to available products and services that will accept it.

Moneybookers caters to their merchants by offering a nice directory and featuring it prominently on their web site. Webmoney Transfer also has several very good areas and directory listings not only featuring merchants but they also provide a ‘geoservice‘ that lists agents by location (WebMoney territory embraces - 4284 cities in 44 countries). Making merchants, products and agents easier for customers to locate will only enhance your business and create additional growth.

Knowing this fact, I was not surprised to find out today that is the new domain containing the c-gold merchant directory. These operators have a very good understanding of what users need and seem to have no problem delivering the goods.

Are you looking for an exchange agent to fund your c-gold account? Now you can easily find one, its the first category in their directory. I’d watch for this directory to grow in the months and years ahead. I also noticed they incorporated their ‘statistics‘ and ‘exchange rates‘ links right on the index of their directory…nice. There is also a rumor out that they will soon have c-gold classified advertising.

Following up on my recent story, C-gold’s Star Is On The Rise, I’d like to note that yesterday the company moved up into the 4 digit account numbers passing the 999 mark.

Also regarding their walk in store in Malaysia, Robert had this good news, “The first shop front is also coming along nicely, and we hope to open the doors in mid/late August.”

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