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Jul 16, 2007

PayPal Partners With GPShopper And Introduces PayPal Mobile Checkout

PayPal Partners With GPShopper And Introduces PayPal Mobile Checkout
PayPal has just announced the launch of Mobile Checkout, a service allowing consumers in the U.S. , U.K. and Canada to buy items securely using cell phones and the mobile web. The partnership with GPShopper, the leader in mobile product search technology, enables PayPal users to search for products from PayPal merchants, see product descriptions, images and then buy products from their mobile phones.

Mobile Checkout is a simple payment mechanism for consumers on-the-go and merchants with online storefronts. From, consumers click “Buy Something” where they then can find products they want to buy, see featured products, browse mobile stores, or find mobile storefronts over the mobile internet.

GPShopper has the only proven solution for enabling consumers to search and share products and promotions straight from their cell phone. Scaled to handle billions of products listed at millions of locations for millions of users any where in the world makes GPShopper a fantastic fit for PayPal.

Earlier this month Sprint and GPShopper announced the launch of Slifter, the first mobile local product search application that employs GPS technology to find products at neighboring retail locations.

PayPal earns its money by charging a transaction fee of 30 cents per transaction and up to 4.9 percent of the payment amount. With nearly 7,000 employees worldwide and plans to hire around 600 more this year PayPal is leading the way with stats like these:

  • PayPal had 143 million accounts in March and expects to keep growing.
  • PayPal accounted for $439 million of eBay’s $1.77 billion in just the last quarter.
  • PayPal handled 177 million transactions worth $11.36 billion during the first quarter.

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