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May 31, 2007

Part2 - Interview With Independent E-gold Exchange Agent

Continuing interview with Sylvain Falardeau a Canadian Independent exchange provider for e-gold and Pecunix. Prt. 1

(Q) What other services do you think digital gold users would use if you could offer them? Reoccurring billing such as subscriptions? Gold transfers to a Visa or MasterCard debit card? Sending a Western Union using gold currency? etc.

We may offer other way of transferring from fiat money to gold in the future but the thing that is important for us is automation (at the programming level). We are not staffed and do not plan to offer a service like other exchangers (multiple payment options) because most of them are difficult to automate (like bank drafts). It only takes 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to process all the transactions and have to stay in this range to think one day to be profitable.

(Q) I’m not that familiar with banking in Canada. When you accept digital gold and make a payment to a client’s Canadian bank account…is this faster than other methods such as wire transfer? How long does it take, if a client sells today, when would that balance appear in an RBC account? Is the fee for this operation more or less than a domestic wire transfer?

Direct deposit and withdrawal in Canadian bank accounts is slower than a wire transfer but much cheaper. Depending on banks, a wire in Canada can cost from 10$ to 20$ to send and 5$ to 15$ to receive. We cannot allow 10$ transactions at 0.35$ with these bank fees. Direct deposit is the same as your electronic paycheck, there is no fee to receive it (not counting the number of transactions per month you can do in your account).

(Q) Do you have any new products on the horizon from

We may accept e-bullion in the future and allow “redeem” (digital gold to bullion). No date is planned for these two features.

(Q) Do you have a stated Anti Money Laundering Policy? Are you required to have one in Canada?

We have a service agreement which prohibit using for criminal activities. We do not deal with really big transactions and all deposits and withdrawals appear as XGOLD.CA in your bank account. So if you want to launder 1M$, you will have to deposit it in your bank account first and do Bank to Gold transactions (with limits from 300$ to 5000$ per month). Not very interesting for criminals.

(Q) What sort of requirements do you have before a client can transfer funds from his Canadian bank account? Would they fill out a form or provide ID? What is needed for a new client to get started today?

To activate the Bank to Gold option, we ask for a signed form with a void check for every source bank accounts. The form identify the e-gold and Pecunix destination accounts. You are only allowed to transfer FROM these bank accounts TO these gold accounts. You are then limited to 300$/month for the first three transfers. After this, you can ask for an increase in your limit but we may ask for other IDs (passeport, utility bill, driver license). Our system is designed for regular buyers who like the simplicity to buy gold at a specific rate that will not change the time the money get to us.

(Q) Do you have a personal preference, e-gold or Pecunix? What percentage of your business is Pecunix and what percentage is e-gold?

I personally prefer Pecunix because of their security perspective. We have more than 90% of our business with e-gold. That may change with the current events with the US government.

(Q) If the e-gold operation, by some fluke, is soon closed, will your business continue to operate?

We will continue to operate with Pecunix and may add another gold currency to replace e-gold.

(Q) The digital gold currency industry, do you feel as an ‘industry’ it could use improvement in any area? If so…where?

I think more merchants accepting gold and silver currencies is the key to success. The problem is always how to get merchants to accept many currencies. If a merchant accepts a gold currency, it is generally e-gold. If you have Pecunix, you should exchange it to e-gold first to be able to use it with the merchant which is irritating to new users. And even if you can convince a merchant to accept one gold currency, trying to setup five can be a great challenge.

This is the reason we launch, the complement to It allows merchants to accept three different currencies on their website: e-gold, Pecunix and Phoenix Dollar (and 1mdc, but will not be accepted in the future). We plan to add more payment systems but not necessarily metal backed. Our goal is to implement Money Proxy on high profile sites with different business lines. It will leverage the use of gold and silver currencies and allows users to use it more like money instead of long term investment.

The Money Proxy merchant account is gold denominated. It is transferred to e-gold or Pecunix merchant’s account every day. It can also be exchanged by and deposited in a Canadian bank account every week automatically. So even if a merchant do not want to maintain a gold balance, it can use our service to get more customers.

We are currently in beta test with (a Quebec version of the Canadian Taxpayer Federation, and, a fax to e-mail service. We plan to implement other new merchants this summer before officially promoting the service.

(Q) Is a member of the GDCA (Global Digital Currency Association)? Has membership to that industry association helped your business? If so…how?

Yes, we are a proud member of the GDCA and a Pecunix PREO. The GDCA offers us visibility and credibility. Some new users contacted us to have some reference and we sent them to the site.

(Q) How much gold do you have in your pocket right now?

I carry one once of gold when I know I will meet new people during the day. It is always interesting to see their reaction when they see it for the first time.

– I’d like to than Sylvain for taking time to answer my questions. Interview With Independent E-gold Exchange Agent Sylvain Falardeau, Pt.1

Here is an interview with the manager of one of my favorite e-gold exchange provider -

Thanks goes out to ePanama of the Nobshyip blog for doing the interview. Good job :) !

Part 1:

Today I am interviewing Mr. Sylvain Falardeau a Canadian Independent exchange provider for e-gold and Pecunix.

(Q) How long has been online, when did the operation begin?

We started on March 2005. (Please note that French is Mr. Falardeau’s primary language.)

(Q) Can you please tell us your relationship with and how long you have been a part of the operation?

I am the president of XSOLI inc., an IT company in Canada specialized in the development of solutions with Free Software. Our primary business is IT consulting for various clients (mostly private). I started the company in June 2001 to fulfill my dream to work with Free Software for a living. is one of our internal project showing our expertise in development of specialized Web applications in the banking/money industry.

(Q) Which digital currencies does currently handle?

We exchange e-gold and Pecunix since the business opened.

(Q) Do you work with just precious metal backed currency or would you consider other digital currency not backed by gold such as the current Webmoney model?

We only work with gold currencies for the moment. We have no plan to support non metal backed currencies with

(Q) Would you consider yourself a ‘gold bug’? How about a libertarian?

I am a gold bug for sure and a libertarian (market anarchist-anarcho-capitalist kind). I started the project partly as a way to “put my money where my mouth is” so to speak. Money is at the heart of any economy and I wanted to put my expertise to allow people to use better money more easily.

(Q) What is the main service which you provide to your Canadian clients?

We offer three services:

Gold to Bank: Transfer from your e-gold or Pecunix to your Canadian bank account. We give the date of deposit to the client before he accepts the transaction (taking weekend and banks holidays into account). It normally takes two business days to receive the money.

Bank to Gold: Transfer from your Canadian bank account to e-gold or Pecunix. We give the date of withdrawal in your bank account and the date of deposit in your gold account so you know exactly when they will happen. It takes two business days for the withdrawal and four business days for the deposit (because of the slow clearing of the transactions in the Canadian banking system). Contrary to most exchangers, we give the exact amount of gold, in grams, that will be deposited in your gold account. We freeze exchange rate of gold when you accept the transaction so you will not have any surprise if the gold price raises before we deposit the gold.

Bill payment: You can pay more than 2300 bills with our system. It is exactly like your bank interface: you search the biller, you enter your bill identification number and you pay. This is one of the unique feature of

(Q) Just weeks ago, the US government announced some major criminal indictments [allegations] against e-gold Ltd and Gold & Silver Reserve. It is the second round of legal proceeding e-gold has had in as many years. However, I still see you are accepting e-gold buys and sells. Have these allegations caused you to consider dropping e-gold or changing your business model not to include digital gold currency? Why?

We continue to support e-gold but have changed our fee structure. Before, we had only one fee for e-gold and Pecunix, now they are separated. We out exchange with Omnipay and keep our reserve low to mitigate the risks of confiscation by the US government. We may drop e-gold if it becomes too risky or we are unable to out exchange with Omnipay in the future. Right now, we are adjusting the fees of Gold to Bank and the limit of transfers per person so we can manage the fact that Omnipay is currently moving to Africa and do not process out exchanges up to June 18th.

We sincerely hope that e-gold will be able to survive this attack and will be happy to continue to trade with them in the future.

(Q) Who would you consider to be your main competition?

The fiat money and credit cards. It is somewhat difficult to convince people to try gold currencies. The concept of exchanger is alien to many of them and there is always the fear of the unknown. The lack of merchants accepting alternate currencies tend to discourage some of them. This is what we are trying to change.

(Q) Is your company the only exchange agent for digital gold currency in Canada which has the direct online banking connection or are there other agents offering this convenient service?

Our bill payment service is unique but there is at least one other exchanger offering direct deposit in Canadian bank account.

I think we have to lowest fee for small transactions. Our goal is to promote gold as payment so you can purchase a minimum of 10$ of gold for only 0.35$ (not counting Pecunix fees). No bank draft, no envelope or bank wire. You login on, click Bank to Gold, enter the amount, confirm and it is done. You just wait for the withdrawal and the deposit, not other paperwork necessary (after you have authenticated yourself and your bank accounts, a one time operation).

(Q) Using your ‘bill pay’ service, can Canadian customers really pay their bills using digital gold? What are the most common bills which are paid?

Yes, they can really pay their bills. Here is some examples of billers:

Hydro-Quebec (electricity)
Bell Canada (major phone service provider)
Desjardins Visa (Visa card)
Telus Mobility (Cell phone service)
CAA Quebec
CAA Manitoba Membership
Videotron Ltd (Cable and Internet)
Alberta Health Care Insurance

(Q) Why did you start this convenient service for your customers? Did large customer demand cause you to create it or did you start it and then introduce it to your customers?

Our first idea was to promote this unique feature to clients who do not know about gold currencies. So we can say: yes, you can even pay your phone, Internet and cell phone bills with gold! It is to be convenient to our customers because we know they can do a Gold to Bank and pay their bills with their online banking interface anyway.


May 30, 2007

Clicker's Lounge PTR is back online

"Dear Members.

Im very sorry that the Site was down, but there were a few Problems in the Datacenter of my hosting Company like they told me.

All should be working again now.

Best Regards


Update on my adventures with FXDD Auto

Well folks here is what happened. I got greedy and overloaded my account with too many signal providers and the inevitable happened - one signal provider had a rough day and pounded my account into the ground with negative pips. I started with $490 USD and now I am down to $246. I did a few manual trades and gained roughly +70 pips on the GBP/JPY pair, but still the losses were greater than my gains. I've learned my lesson the hard way and from now on I'll stick to just a few profitable (as far as my research can tell) signal providers.

I'll keep you all updated as my adventures continue. Wish me luck :)

Take care everyone!

May 29, 2007

Clickerslounge PTR website is down

It appears that a very popular and one of my favorite PTR programs called Clickerslounge is currently offline. Their website has been offline for about a day now and I am getting concerned that they might be gone for good. This would be too bad since they've paid me on numerous occasions.

I'll keep you all posted on any new developments. In the meantime check out some of the other PTR programs that I recommend.

e-gold testimony appears on YouTube

You can find the e-gold testimony on YouTube.

Check out this link!

May 26, 2007

FXDD Auto: Review

Greetings readers. Today I am going to review another venture I'm involved with. As you can see by the title, it's called "FXDD Auto". Basically, FXDD Auto is an automated forex trading platform. The spiel used by FXDD is this:


The FXDDAuto Trading Platform embraces the latest technology in automatic signal execution on individual clients' accounts held at FXDD. Prospective Clients setup their account to receive trading signals from a range of system designers and strategy developers, whose trade signal history has been verified by a 3rd Party Firm over the last 12 months. The signals are executed automatically on the clients account to their predefined money management settings. All signal management is controlled by the platform, including Stop Losses, Target point and Trade modification.

Whether you want to trade one pair or forty pairs, the platform can handle multiple strategies on the same account. This flexibility enables the trader to diversify their risk whilst maintaining complete trading control of their account at all times. This enables the user access to the Worlds largest and most liquid market with low cost execution and the highest level of service available in the retail FX marketplace."

Whew! That was a heavy paste. Ok, well as you can read FXDD Auto gives you the opportunity to get in on the forex market and earn HUGE returns (and potential losses lol, but let's not be negative here..think happy money related thoughts). Seriously though, humour aside, you should be aware that FOREX trading does carry higher risks than say stock investing and the rest. This is mainly due to the wonderful concept of leverage, which means with a small amount of money in your forex trading account you can trade HUGE amount of money. If you have no clue about forex trading then FXDD Auto's system is a bit safer for you because you are trading forex signals provided by third parties which have a record of high performance (some of them - I'll get into this later on).

Two of the most often asked questions about the FXDD platform are the following:

Do I require the platform to be connected to the Internet permanently?
No, all trade signals are executed on Remote servers, therefore is not a requirement to keep your PC running for trade execution on your account. You are required to connect to the internet to set your Money Management settings initially.
How can I view my trades?
You can view your trading signals via 3 methods;
(i) A web-based viewer where you can access your account from any PC connected to the internet, without the requirement to download any software, means you can view your trades anytime, anywhere on any PC.
(ii) Via the Auto-trading Client Software, that can be downloaded to any PC and installed.
(iii) On the FXDD MT3 platform.

I must admit I love the "not having to leave your PC on" bit. It really makes it convenient to manage my portfolio from anywhere in the world.

Ok, so my journey begins with - believe it or not - roughly $500 ! The sign-up process was relatively painless. You can deposit money into your account by cheque, bank wire transfer, and paypal! (love the paypal option).

Next came the tough part, choosing which signal providers I was going to use. You have to be VERY CAREFUL here. You can have up to a maximum of 20 signal providers in your portfolio. DO NOT overload your account!! When you load up your FXDD Auto Trading Platform Windows Client Software it will tell you when you are building your portfolio just how heavily leveraged your portfolio is. How many signal providers you use depends on a number of variables. First, just how many trades the signal provider initiates at once, and secondly, how much money you have to work with.

If you don't have a large starting capital, I would strongly recommend you do the following:

1) Choose a signal provider that has a high win ration (above 60% is good)
2) Choose a signal provider that has a high "pips per trade" number. This means the amount of pips (price interests poits)
3) Most important of all, only select 2 to 3 signal providers that meet the above criteria.

I won't mention how my portfolio is structured as I don't want to appear as if I'm endorsing any of the signal providers. Suffice it to say that I chose the signal providers that best met the first two of the above criteria.

There isn't much more to discuss, but I'll be sure to keep you all up-to-date on how things work out.

I strongly - I MEAN IT! - recommend you test the system for 30 days (or more if you have to) before you open up a live account. Play around with different signal providers and get a feel for how much of a drawdown you can expect with the various signal providers (a drawdown is how much in the minus you're going to be before the market turns and you end up in a profit).

To sign-up for a 30 day demo or a live account visit this page:

Infinity-Shares: how to become a member

Here is the new procedure you have to follow to become a member of Infinity-Shares:

Welcome to the Infinity Shares Forex Investment Club. If you are interested to become a member, there are a few conditions:

1) Start a new topic here with a short introduction of who you are. Mention also why you want to become a club member, and include the username of the person who referred you.

Then we will accept or refuse your application, in case you are accepted, you will have to do the following:

1) Use the registration link given by us to register with the same username as the one you use on the forum.
2) While registering, accept the Terms and Conditions
3) Make a deposit sufficient to buy 20 shares or more (read the FAQ to see how to)

Thank you,

Infinity Shares Forex Investment Club"

If you want to know my username (because obviously I am a member) e-mail me at allinvain6 at ..... Have a nice day.

Life Holding Back In Action

Dan, Life Holdings is back after taking a break.

Quoted from NN,


whoa that was refreshing. I almost forgot how nice it is to take a couple of days off LOL


InfinityShares: Update from admin! read

Dear members,

It's been a busy past few weeks here at InfinityShares. Christian is finally back from Manila and is happy to say that his father is doing better, and that he will be back to full-time trading within the week. We have had a few problems in the past month with Chris gone, and some over- jealous people reporting IS as an Illegal HYIP to our host's datacenter, which in turn our host had to release us early from our hosting contract, but being the nice people they were, they backed everything up before suspending the account so there was no loss of data whatsoever. We have successfully migrated to another, more reliable, dedicated host, but the transition wasnt without hiccup. We had to spend a few days reconfiguring some parts of the script and the server to fully make sure that IS is 100% up again.

We are now happy to report that IS is 100% up, the site is there, everyone can log in again and see their account status(it always helps to be sure, double check everything). Pending payments will be made within 24 hours.

The funds from the old broker have all been pulled out and have been transferred to our new broker, a Luxembourg based broker.

We have been busy the whole week testing out the new broker, and are happy to report that the broker does indeed satisfy our needs for our tech trading strategies.

E-Gold Situation:

IS has stopped taking new deposits via e-gold, and is now exploring other means to process payments. We still have about 3% of the total capital available in E-gold, so there is a slight risk of losing that in case something does happen to e-gold, but we're pretty confident that e-gold will pull through this one. We will be starting a poll soon to see which alternative payment processor members would prefer if ever we would need to change processors.

CLUB Changes:

-The sign up link has now been removed from the front page, there will be no blind signups. Anyone who wishes to sign up have to be recommended by an existing member. Simply read the homepage and further instructions on the forum on how to register.

-All of the inactives (0 shares, no cash balance) have been deleted.
-There will be organizational changes with regard to structure of Infinity Shares, more will be announced in the coming weeks.
-The forum is no longer accessible to non-members of the Club and unknown members have been deleted, current members of the main site (ISFIC) can simply sign up on the forum with their username on ISFIC
-We are doing everything in our capacities to make IS as legal as possible. Discussions are already underway, if any member has any ideas/advice/suggestion on helping IS become 100% legal, then dont hesitate to drop us an email, or join the discussions in our forums or on Jude's nobsnetwork IS thread.
- The Terms of Service will be adjusted to fit our new Club Changes

Kind Regards,

IS Forex Investment Club

May 25, 2007

Infinityshares : Invite only

Infinityshares turned into an “invite only” trading site ASAP without prior notice. Minimum join fee has been increased from 2 shares to 20 shares(Currently valued 100$, but it varies)

New members can only join when invited by current members and if the admins accept you, you will be required to buy a minimum of 20 shares.

Currently we are still allowed to discuss the program, but it’s possible that in the future this will change as well.

The goal of IS is to become a legal independant business. This can only be achieved by turning into a European forex trading club(The only version of a pool that is in fact legal by law)

New payprocessors will be added soon, so people will be able to fund their accounts again and withdraw through other ways than e-gold.

Be ready for more drastic changes which eventually will cause IS to completely vanish from the hyip world, a world full of ponzi’s that are doomed to fade into thin air.

OmniPay temporarily suspends exchange to transition to OmniPay Africa

OmniPay temporarily suspends exchange to transition to OmniPay Africa

Effective immediately, G&SR will be leasing the OmniPay business to OmniPay Africa. All OmniPay exchanges will now involve e-gold transfers and money payments into/out of OmniPay Africa’s e-gold and bank accounts respectively. G&SR has contracted to serve as the Operator of OmniPay but will not be a party to actual exchanges.

In terms of immediate impacts:

* The OmniPay exchange service will suspend operation pending provisioning of a suitable bank account for OmniPay Africa. It is anticipated this service interruption will start May 24, 2007 with service resuming on or about June 18, 2007.
* With resumption, all bank wires from customers must be directed to
the new bank coordinates which will be posted on the website.

The original plan was for OmniPay Africa to organize as a licensee of G&SR, the US company that owns OmniPay. A substantial development effort was underway to support the additional requirements for over-the-counter exchange operations such as biometric validation. However, recent actions of the US government, originating from a long-standing and misguided animus on the part of the US Secret Service, necessitate immediate action. Specifically, SEB Bank in Estonia has notified G&SR it is closing its bank account at close of business May 25, 2007 explicitly because of the Press Release from the US DOJ.

We regret the temporary interruption of OmniPay services. Just as the US government’s recent actions in seizing e-gold accounts of e-gold Ltd., G&SR, The Bullion Exchange, AnyGoldNow, IceGold, GitGold, The Denver Gold Exchange, GoldPouch Express and 1MDC (and forcing G&SR to liquidate the seized assets!) have severely damaged not only these exchange businesses but also their innumerable customers, their forcing this complex transition to be performed on an emergency basis is simply shameful.

We do not however regret the transfer of OmniPay responsibilities to OmniPay Africa. As will become abundantly clear in coming months, the OmniPay Africa team is highly qualified to guide OmniPay to a higher level, a genuinely global service that will foster a beneficial surge in e-gold’s emergence while bringing significant advantages to emerging economies.

Strategic Background

A major strategic emphasis for e-gold is to provide sophisticated remote payments capabilities to the majority of mankind underserved by or excluded by the banking system. An important focus is international remittances - payments from migrant workers living in advanced economies sending a portion of their earnings to their home country. For many developing economies, migrant remittances constitute a significant portion of foreign exchange income and even GDP. Traditional remittance mechanisms, however, are expensive and inflexible. It is estimated that lowering the net cost of remittances by a few percentage points could measurably enhance economic development. There is also increasing awareness that non-traditional banking such as micro-credit facilities can also aid in bootstrapping lesser developed economies.

OmniPay Africa, an entirely non-US company, majority owned by prominent business leaders from the Francophone countries of West Africa, was therefore organized to extend the usefulness of e-gold by providing support for over-the-counter exchange and by fostering the integration of e-gold into micro-credit lending institutions. The combination of e-gold (settling the international transfer of value with no need for a financial intermediary) and OmniPay (offering standardized, reliable, low cost exchange to/from local currency) will serve as a flexible low cost alternative to the traditional systems.

May 24, 2007

Life-Holdings: update - Dan is taking a small rest

Dan more than deserves this break! He has been earning money for us on a consistent basis and we much appreciate his program.



In my last three updates I kept saying that I will take a break. Somehow I never found time to do that. This week I have to take time off, it’s obvious to me I’m too burned out to work.

The little profit I made so far will be used to cover the exchange fees I’ve been paying lately. Yes, everything needs to be balanced in the end So there is no profit for investors or for me this week.

I will be back this weekend and will resume work on Monday. Deposit confirmations will be sent when I come back. Expect to see a refreshed admin next week LOL


May 21, 2007

E-gold update: if you use e-gold you must read this

This is the actual copy of a court filed response to the seizure and actions against them. Its a .pdf document and I’ve posted the entire thing on DGC Tags (all 45 pages). This document illustrates e-gold’s prior and continued commitment to operating a legal and ethical business today, in the future and everyday over the past ten years. I suggest anyone using e-gold or interested take a good look.

There is also a slick video on YouTube you may want to view and discuss (I’m hoping).

May 20, 2007

Life Holdings is up 3% this week :))

Quote from Admin's mass e-mail:


No returns posted in the forum all week. I hope this didn’t scare some of you :-) It shouldn’t have, I was available all week, working and answering your e-mails and requests. Again I didn’t take any days off. Too much action going on and I couldn’t bare staying away Wink

Today (Friday) was a very good day. Jude (NN) kept me company over instant messenger for several hours. A little bit of chit-chat as usual then we shared some trading thoughts and opinions. By the end of the day we both booked well over 100 pips profit…SWEET! 8-)

3.00% net profit for investors this week!
E-gold and e-Bullion profit payments have been executed; check your e-currency account to verify yours!

Life Holdings Forum: May 19th Update.
Another Betfair screenshots thread.
Betfair session - May 16th
Betfair session - May 17th
Betfair session - May 19th

Nothing else to update this week. That’s all for now, I wish you a good weekend! :-)

Dan (OptimusLH)
Life Holdings Management"

Infinity Shares - Shifting Site

If you’re worrying about Infinity Shares site gone missing and all, fret not! They’re in midst of shifting their site to somewhere. Check out our Nobsnetwork forum thread on Infinity Shares! ;)

Sapientinvest : Scam warning! Do not invest!

Do not invest in Sapientinvest any longer! They ran away but they decided to keep the website up to lure more victims in it before disappearing!

Spread the word! DO NOT SPEND THERE, you have been warned! Lets put these scammers out of business.

-- Thanks to Jude for the heads up ---

May 17, 2007

Proof of payout from Apairof PTR program

Payment History:
2007-05-05 15:41:41cashout$-3.19done
2007-04-07 14:15:42cashout(apo payment)$-3.8done
2007-02-27 08:25:40cashout(apo payment)$-2.16done
2007-02-01 08:52:51cashout(opa payment)$-1.64done
2007-01-19 06:18:05cash out$-1.21done
2007-01-10 05:00:40cash out$-1.19done
2006-12-30 05:17:20cash out$-1.52done
2006-12-19 11:52:57cash out$-1.23done
2006-12-06 14:32:10cash out$-1.34done
2006-11-21 09:49:49cash out$-1.35done
2006-11-07 09:10:38cash out$-1.2done

As you can see I've been getting paid on a consistent basis from this PTR program called Apairof.

If you're interested in giving this PTR program a try, click HERE

Happy earning!

Please-Invest is down! Goodbye Ponzi!

t comes as no surprise to me that Please-Invest is down. Quirky explanation from the admin himself.

"Dear Please Invest users

Anyone who has been paying close attention to Please Invest for the past two weeks will be well aware that as of the end of April we have been demonstrating difficulty is completing pending withdrawals. This was caused by many events ranging from the indictment of e-gold to a mass withdrawal by members. I will be honest. For months now, Please Invest has been operating without 100% stability and was always at risk of failing. This was primarily caused by our exorbitant advertising costs which were necessary to ensure that round two would be possible. Unfortunately the final straw was the indictment of e-gold which lead to a mass exodus within the program.

Round 1 of Please Invest is now complete and we will be starting round 2 tomorrow. All accounts have been credited with a 100% loss. All withdrawals have been cancelled and everything is set and ready to go again. This time, Please Invest will operate with the strictest of rules and will not experience such problems as it did during round 1. Round 2 will be entirely backed by real investment activities and will not be a ponzi.


May 16, 2007

GoldMoney: Important new feature introduced!

This is a long read, but definitely worth it if you are or intend to become a GoldMoney account holder.


Dear GoldMoney Customer,

We are pleased to inform you of an exciting new
development. Beginning Sunday, 20 May 2007, it will be even
more convenient to buy and sell gold and silver through


We have opened Customer Segregated Funds Accounts for four
different currencies with our banks. Thus, you will be able
to deposit money into these segregated customer accounts in
US dollars, British pounds, euros or Canadian dollars, and
use this money to purchase gold and silver from GoldMoney.
When you decide to sell metal, the proceeds can be
deposited into these same bank accounts. Importantly, you
will earn interest on your deposit at very competitive
rates, and have 24/7 access to your deposit and your metal
through the Balances page in your Holding.


A new feature allows you to Add or Remove Funds from your
Holding, to easily facilitate the transfer of money between
GoldMoney and your bank account. Also, you can now save the
details of your bank account(s). So simply select the
account you want to use, rather than typing your bank
details each time you initiate a transaction.

GoldMoney accepts money transfers by electronic check (if
you have a bank account in the US) or bank wire. Once your
funds are received, the currency balance recorded in your
Holding is increased, enabling you to earn interest on your
money until you are ready to buy gold and silver.


1) A new way to use our electronic check feature

As before, you can use electronic checks to debit your bank
account in the US to pay for your metal purchases, or to
automatically receive your sale proceeds. But now you can
also write and receive electronic checks from the US dollar
Customer Segregated Funds account. So rather than leaving
money in your bank account while you wait to purchase gold
or silver, use electronic checks to deposit your money in
our segregated funds account and earn interest. Then buy
when the market price is right for you.

2) Purchases paid by bank wire

Presently when purchasing by bank wire, we need to receive
the funds within 2 business days for customers to 'lock-in'
the buying rate. Bank wire fees are costly and often
delayed, with the consequence that late orders would need
to be completed at a price different than what the customer
had expected to receive because the 2-day deadline was
missed, through no fault of the customer or GoldMoney. Our
new feature eliminates these problems.

Now, prior to placing a Buy order you simply wire funds for
deposit into the segregated funds accounts, and earn
interest on that money while you wait to purchase metal.

Similarly, you will now be able to sell your goldgrams and
silver ounces and receive the proceeds in US dollars,
British pounds, euros or Canadian dollars, which is
automatically deposited for you into the Customer
Segregated Funds account. The proceeds will be shown as an
increase to the currency balance in your Holding once the
Sell order is completed. But if you instead want to receive
the proceeds from your sale right away, simply 'click' the
appropriate instruction, and the money will be immediately
sent to the bank account you choose.

3) Earn interest on your currency deposit

You will earn interest on your currency balances in the
Customer Segregated Funds Account. There is no minimum or
maximum deposit. Interest based on your average monthly
balance will be paid monthly, regardless of the size of
your deposit.

The fee GoldMoney charges for this new service will reduce
the interest income you receive by 1/4th of 1% per annum.
Thus if the interest rate paid by our banks is 5%, the
interest income you earn on your deposit is 4.75% after
deducting the administrative fee. Interest rates are of
course subject to change, but the present interest rates
per annum after deducting the administrative fee are:
US dollar 4.18%
British pound 5.00%
euro 3.14%
Canadian dollar 2.75%


Our new segregated funds feature will save you both time
and money. Buying and selling will be easier and faster,
and you will not have to incur the costs of funds transfers
every time you place an order. And you can earn interest on
your currency deposit at competitive rates."

E-gold Exchange Agents Are Now Gouging Their Retail Clients

It is just crazy how much e-currency exchangers are charging their customers to exchange their e-gold for national currency. For example, I've heard that Me-Gold is charging customers 50% for out-exchanges!!! Crazy!

For small amounts I would be willing to act as an out exchanger for you my dear reader and e-gold aficionado. My fee is 5% and I can pay you via PayPal or Money Order . If you live in Canada I can even send you an Interac e-mail money transfer.

Also, if you're looking to buy e-gold via PayPal click HERE.

PayPal Expands In Africa

PayPal is now accessible in these countries.

Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon Republic, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.

This is good news for people in Africa that have been stuck without an efficient method of paying for online merchandise.

PayPal Moves To Luxembourg and Becomes A Licensed Bank?

I think you folks might find this blog posting I've found on DigitalMoneyWorld

to be quite interesting.


It sounds strange but the Telegraph is reporting that PayPal has been granted a banking license in Luxembourg and is moving their headquarters to the tiny country. Back in 2004, PayPal became a licensed Electronic Money Issuer and had operated under the FSA. In March of this year, Google was also granted this same FSA license in the UK. The move to Luxembourg means PayPal will no longer be authorized by the Financial Services Authority.

eBay who owns PayPal has been fighting back new competition for those retail online dollars. In recent months Google Checkout, nicknamed ‘The PayPal Killer’ has gained in popularity with retail merchants around the globe.

However in places like the UK, PayPal is still on top of Internet commerce. In Britain, more than half of the population is now online and half of that group uses PayPal. Throughout Europe and the UK, PayPal has captured over 50 million users so I suppose the move into banking was just a matter of time."

May 15, 2007 Avoid

I was passing by Jude's Blog and I saw this post, and I thought I'd pass on the info to my readers. If you're into HYIPs, watch out for the two being mentioned below! Avoid them!


Got an email from one of our reader asking me to review the above programs after receiving our monthly e-zine.

I wouldn’t know how to explain but it just comes to me pretty quickly that both Dividendltd and are nothing but pure ponzi scam sites. It will come to you straight without fail when you’ve been in the arena long enough.

Just avoid them. Keep your money in the pockets and wait for something genuine to come by."

May 13, 2007

GoldMoney: An economical and convenient way to own gold

I thought I'd take a break from posting about e-gold's legal problems and focus on reviewing another way you can economically and conveniently own gold. What I am going to review is a company called GoldMoney. It was founded by James Turk who is a prominent proponent and supporter of gold.

"GoldMoney is easy to use and inexpensive, plus you have the convenience of transacting online. Your precious metal is secure because it is:

  • safely stored for you in a specialised bullion vault, and
  • insured through a policy underwritten at Lloyd's of London.
You have 24/7 online access to your precious metal, which you can sell at any time. Also, your gold can be used as online currency and transferred instantly to anyone with a GoldMoney account.

GoldMoney was founded by gold industry leaders who understand gold's usefulness as a financial asset and value its worldwide role as money. Investors and shareholders of GoldMoney include two publicly traded gold mining companies, DRDGOLD (South Africa) and IAMGOLD (Canada).

GoldMoney's main office is located in Jersey, one of the British Channel Islands situated in the English Channel near the north-western tip of France. Our website and database servers, also located in Jersey, are housed in a secure, state-of-the-art data centre.

Office Address
Net Transactions Limited
ASL House
12-14 David Place
St Helier, Jersey
British Channel Islands (about)

Tel: +44-1534-760-133
Fax: +44-1534-760-125"

As you can see GoldMoney is 100% offshore based so your gold is protected from potential government seizures.

Opening up an account was fairly easy for me, BUT you are required to provide IDENTIFICATIOON. Yes, you've heard right, this is not e-gold where you could open up an account with 100% false information and go on about your merry business doing whatever activity you please - be it legal or otherwise - so please bear this in mind. I think overall this is a positive point.

A bit of info about GoldMoney and how it works:

"GoldMoney is like online banking, but your account is denominated in goldgrams and mils, not dollars and cents. Each GoldMoney goldgram® you own is safely stored for you in allocated storage in a specialised bullion vault near London, England, and is insured through a policy underwritten at Lloyd's of London. When you buy goldgrams, you own pure gold in a secure vault."

"Just like shares of stock represent your fractional ownership of a company, your goldgrams represent your ownership of a portion of the gold held for GoldMoney customers in the secure vault.

GoldMoney's website and database servers keep track of your ownership of goldgrams and mils (1000 mils equal one goldgram, expressed as 1gg) and provide secure, 24/7 online access to your account."

"GoldMoney allows you to send gold to anyone with an account at GoldMoney. Unlike most online payment systems that only work in some countries, anyone anywhere in the world with Internet access can open an account and begin using GoldMoney to make and receive instantaneous, non-repudiable payments, anytime day or night."

Ok, now for the all important fees:

Account fee - 100 mils (about US$2.15) per month
The account fee is charged only if there are goldgrams in your Holding. You pay only 100 mils per month, regardless how many goldgrams you own. The account fee may vary for large accounts.

Payment fee -
Min: 10 mils (about US$0.21)
Max: 100 mils (about US$2.15)

A payment fee is charged when you transfer goldgrams to another Holding. It is 1% of the payment amount, with a minimum fee of 10 mils and a maximum fee of 100 mils. For example, a payment valued at $20 costs 20 cents, whereas a payment valued at $20,000 costs only $2.15.

Service fee - 10 mils to 10gg
Charged only if you request a special service. The exact fee depends upon the time required by GoldMoney staff to complete your request.

Silver Storage fee - 0.986% per annum, which is 0.0825% per month, with a minimum fee of 0.2oz per month. Charged only when you own silver, it is deducted monthly from your Holding.

Current Fees for Bank Wire Transfers

CAD - Canadian Dollars
No wire fee until 1 January 2007, after which C$55 per wire transfer.

EUR - Euros
€45 per wire transfer.

GBP - British Pounds
No charge for 3-day BACS transfers within the UK.
£20 per one-day CHAPS transfer to accounts within the UK, £30 for international wire transfers.

USD - US Dollars
No charge for electronic check transfers within the USA.
US$12 for wire transfers to accounts within the USA, US$50 for international wire transfers.

Look at the above! You can purchase gold and the money will be take directly from your bank account! Very convenient. They used to offer the same service to Canadian clients, but sadly for whatever reason they've stopped that service :( That is too bad as I wanted to use GoldMoney to keep 25% of my assets in gold.

Check out GoldMoney's website at:

May 11, 2007

E-gold Criminal Case Unsealed. USA Moves To Seize Company In Its Entirety

Here is a copy of the actual court case against E-gold. It's a very very long read but I say it's worth it.

Click HERE to view the article (it has a really really long URL so I'd rather not paste it here)

US Government Forces E-gold Redemptions - Seizes Gold this.

"This article is Copyright 2007. You may re-publish for free it if left intact and only if you give credit with weblink back to


In an unprecedented move on or just before Wednesday May 9th, 2007, the United States of America has forced Omnipay et al E-gold to redeem all the gold backing the 58 previously frozen accounts owned by e-gold, 1mdc, icegold and a handful of other exchangers and customers to be liquidated effective immediately to a us dollar account owned by the federal government.

According to the reduction in the gold bar list, the bar count
has dropped by 48 bars of approximately 400 oz each between May 3, and May 9.

This redemption totals USD $11.357 Million.

Date Gold Grams ($ Value)
03-05-07 3,489,436 77.015 Million
09-05-07 2,974,871 65.668 Milllion

Gold Bars value Sold: USD 11.357 Million

MoneyNetNews has learned from a reliable source that e-gold has been ordered
to hand over a fresh copy of the customer database when the redemption
is completed.

MoneyNetNews cannot confirm if all of the 48 bars redeemed account for
the forfeiture action of the United States. It is possible that a part
of this activity can be accounted for by increased volatility in e-gold's
general market.

Not only was E-gold / Omnipay ordered to convert gold (and silver) holdings
in the seized accounts into US Dollars, but that included their own
(Omnipay's, and E-gold's) frozen (seized) accounts. This will ultimately
result is great losses of value over time even if the victims of the seizures
are found to be innocent due to the in progress bull market in gold and bear
market in US Dollars.

The seizure order appears to be unrelated to the criminal case in progress
against E-gold and OmniPay in that the seizure of the accounts by the government
was done under a (separate) civil case, for which the Government has yet to file

By doing so, the government was able to seize accounts without having
to reveal anything to the owners of the accounts themselves. By law,
the government has 30, and possibly up to 90 days to file a complaint.

Until the government civil filing is done, none of the victims of the seizures
can possibly do anything to defend themselves, not even obtain information as
to why their accounts have been seized, or what they would have done wrong.

None of the victims of the account seizures have been advised of anything
officially at this time."

May 10, 2007

ClixSense paid me!!! :)) here is proof!

Good news! I just received my first payment cheque from ClixSense!

Here is a scanned copy of the cheque (with my address blotted out for privacy) (click the image
to get an enlarged version):

If you've been sitting on the sidelines or were not sure if it would be worthwhile to join ClixSense, well, I think this pretty much proves the legitimacy of the program.

To become a member yourself follow the URL below:

May 8, 2007

CNN Article about Legisi (very popular HYIP )

Those of you who are "in the loop" on the latest happenings in the online investing community and the HYIP community would surely know or have heard about Legisi. It is a fairly popular program that touts itself as being an "legitimate return on loan" program. Lately they've instituted some rather major changes. One very important change is that the program will become private as of June 1'st. Another change (arguably still important) is that the minimum investment is now $1000 (it used to be $250). Some say that this is the last gasp of a dying ponzi program, some say that this is good because it will be conducive to the life span of the program. I am a bit skeptical about this. I was very tempted to join the program and have been researching it on and off for about 6 months. Lately, I've decided to stay out of it completely.

My advice is this: be very very careful where you put your money and never invest more than you can afford to lose! always! got it? good!

Click on the link below to read the article:

Link to CNN article about Legisi

Update on AdBux

While browsing around I found a video review of AdBux made by a popular blogger in the online money making community. The reviewer maintains a positive attitude about AdBux and he says that AdBux is not a scam. Well, check out his review for yourself below:

Below is a copy and paste of his blog post (I hope the author doesn't mind - btw, you can find his blog website here: )

"Recently, there has been a reader that has posted the question about Adbux being fraudulent in their activities both towards their users as well as it's a scam overall since it was made by the same person that made His name according to this reader is Chad French and he is indeed a scam artist.

Before I go into the specifics, we really have to remember that with companies like Adbux we are literally surfing for pennies! Yes, they are free but then they are pennies! As I have recommended before, these penny surfing companies should be taken with a grain of salt and should not be anyone's primary source of income for obvious reasons. To go into the specifics of whether Adbux is just money making scam, let's break it down into a few points.

Is it a huge scam that's about to explode? I thought it be a good chance to provide my readers with a review about Adbux as a company. There are three concerns posted by the reader:

1. It scams users from their payment
2. It uses similar techniques as
3. There's no way for Adbux themselvs to generate income through their operations was registered with a host called Dreamhost, a web hosting company that is located in CA in the middle of April of this year. Looking at Dreamhost from the size of their web site as well as their offerings in web hosts, it is considerably cheap in comparison with its competitors. The service aside, it certainly fits into the category which Adbux would fall under. To put it in simple terms, a small intial budgetd company.

When a small budgetd company provides payment could be proven to be a lot more difficult. Since Adbux has a total membership of 40k members, withj a small staff which operates the company this could mean a simple payout can take sometime to process anything period and you should not be surprised. The main point here is that although there's a three day delay in most payments, they still PAY!

Adbux is NOT like Netbux. is in actuality a lotto web site. It essentially targets two different niches, I have explained it extensively in my video but the operation from Netbux seems a bit larger scale due to its open advertisement to potential advertisers where as Adbux utilizes advertising companies such as Adengage which is a company similar with Adsense type advertisements. Again, we see some difference here as well.

Whether Adbux can sustain themselves or not through their ad campaign, to me this is a very hard and touchy topic. Sure they do not charge a high fee for advertisers to display their ads, but there are few things to keep in mind. We do assume that Adbux members do not surf these ads themselves as well as these ads are not directly from Adbux members themselves. This area can get pretty tricky for advertisers themselves, but as surfer ourselves since we are not putting in any money there's really nothing we can really lose out here.

From the evidence that I can see or tell, I find no signs of scam for web surfers going into Adbux. However, as the sky is looking blue anything can always change overnight. What I feel should be the center of attention for users is to use Adbux with a grain of salt. Focusing on the big money such as writing articles for web sites and etc. Having income from Adbux is always great as extra, but don't put your whole life around it and put your eyes on where the big money is at!"

----end of quote ---

I'm going to refrain from 100% recommending AdBux, but I'd encourage you to give them a try and see for yourself. I am still waiting to make payout, so I will update you folks when and if I get paid.

Here is a direct link to join if you'd like:

May 6, 2007

Life-Holdings: Performance update

Life Holdings update with a decent return, as well as better results in forex than Betfair games this week,


I apologize for updating the performance report so ‘rare’ this week. I try to update only when I am certain on the return for several days ie. no trades open.

Betfair result for the week: 1.70% net profit. (FX) Trading result for the week: 5.00% net profit
1.70% with 60% of the capital.
5.00% with 30% of the capital.
x% ……….. 100% of capital

x = 2.50% net profit for investors this week! :-)

All E-Gold and e-Bullion profit payments have been executed; check your e-currency account to verify yours!"

May 4, 2007

Review of Marketiva FOREX trading platform

Guess what anxious readers :)...I'm back with a review of a popular FOREX trading platform. Forex? you say. Yes FOREX, or the foreign currency exchange market. If you absolutely do not know what I am talking about then I STRONGLY suggest you visit
and familiarize yourself with the basics of the FOREX market. Now, if you've read that site you should have by now the most basic knowledge necessary to become a FOREX trader, so I am dedicating this review to you; the beginning trader.

Ok, so first of all I must confess that I've only been using the Marketiva platform for about 3 days now. I've heard a lot of talking about it in various online investment and forex forums, and being the curious creature that I am, I decided to give it a try to see what all the fuss is about. Normally I trade using InterbankFX's MT3 platform for my grid-trading and I use StrategyBuilder FX's MT4 platform for a demo account where I test all my strategies, and I execute all my trades on InterbankFX's MT4 platform. However, like I've said, I was curious to checkout the Marketiva platform.

The first time I ran the platform I was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity. It is by far less complicated than MT4, but it has all the tools a normal trader needs. Pretty much all the indicators you could possibly use are to be found readily accessible in this platform. Charting is at an acceptable level, but not as good as on the MT4 platform. Another feature lacking is a scripting language so you can run automated trading systems such as on Mt3/MT4, but realistically not every trader will use this feature; especially the beginners. Its simple and elegant interface is perfect for a beginning trader.

Another cool feature of Marketiva is that you can fund your account via e-gold and e-bullion!! Yes, I would say that feature is pretty cool mainly because it is so convenient and you avoid high wire-transfer fees. Of course you can still fund your account via wire-transfer, and I would advise you to do so if you plan on transferring astronomical sums into your trading account.

Some commonly asked questions:

1) How much money do I need to start?

They have no requirements for initial deposit. When you open an account you get real $5 reward and virtual $10000 for training (woohoo!). If you want to open an account please go to and fill out the form there.

2) Can I open two accounts?

NO! Marketiva is pretty strict about this. Besides, if you need to test a strategy, use the virtual account to demo your strategy, and when you're sure it works simply use it on your live account.

3) Does funding via e-gold and e-bullion occur instantly?

Oh you betcha! That's primarily the reason why I decided to use this platform. It is so convenient to just log into my e-gold account and blast some $ into my trading account, and off I

4) How can I withdraw my money?

Via wire-transfer, e-gold and e-bullion. Note that withdrawals are NOT automated like deposite via e-gold and e-bullion are!

5) Are there any fees to withdraw?

Yes, and they are the following:

Wire-transfer - $14

E-gold - $7 (once only!)

E-bullion - $7 (once only!)

6) Can I take a tour of the trading platform?

Absolutely yes, and I did and that's how I decided to actually go through the process of opening an account. All you have to do is go to the main Marketiva homepage and click on the "Take a tour" link

7) How long does it take to open an account?

It took me 5 minutes. They don't ask you for any proof of ID or anything like that. But, please provide real info when asked for you address. Overall the sign-up process is easy and painless. In 5 minutes I was up and running and placing trades!

Another really cool feature that I like a lot is the built in chat rooms. I can chat with my fellow traders and share strategies and information all within the trading platform, so I am never away from both my friends and the trading platform. There are numerous chat rooms, including one for just about every country out there. I usually hang around in the Romanian one with the nick "allinvain", so if you're there give me a shout :)

I think this should be the end of the review as I don't want to rant on and on. Just give the platform a try and if you like it, good, if you don't you still have nothing to lose - plus you'll get $5 free to start.

To give
Marketiva a try go to: and click on "Open account"

May 3, 2007

PTRKingdom Pays!

I just did a test withdraw from a new PTR program that I was investigating/reviewing, and being a no-minimum payout PTR program I decided to see if they really pay. The answer is yes! Here is the proof:


Your payment request has been reviewed and money sent to your payment processor.

Payment Details:

Payment Method: e-Gold
Account ID: xxxxx (account # edited by me for security reasons)
Amount: $0.12
Request Date: 05 3rd, 2007
Payment Date: 05 3rd, 2007

Thank You Very Much,"

PTR Kingdom :-)

May 2, 2007

ClixSense pays!

Alright, it appears that ClixSense genuinely pays and is not a scam. I just made minimum payout of $10 (the reason I received only $7.31 is due to their $3 cheque processing fee). I just increased the minimum payout to $50, that way my bank won't laugh at me when I go there to cash a $7.31 cheque lol.

Here is proof:

Recent Payout Information
02 May 2007Complete$7.31

Take care folks and if you haven't signed up this might encourage you to do so and earn some free money!

Click HERE to join!

Looking to buy e-gold or pecunix with paypal?

Greetings dear readers. I've been selling my e-gold in exchange for paypal to a select group of people, and it's been going pretty good so far, so I've decided to enlarge my "customer base" as they say in marketing lingo.

If you want e-gold or pecunix and have paypal to give, then let me know and we can arrange to do business.

Here are my business terms:

1) All business will be conducted via e-mail communication

2) You must have a verified paypal account

3) I only accept paypal payments funded via bank transfer or from other paypal accounts

4) NO credit card funded payments (only by special request, but my fees will be substantially higher - see below for details)

5) My fee for this service is 20% (paypal to e-gold involved substantial risk on my part!)

6) I accept payments in Canadian (CAD) & United States (USD) Dollars

7) Buyer pays first (no exceptions)

So for example let's say you want $30 USD worth of e-gold. You will have to send me a payment of $36 USD because 20% of $30 is equal to $6. If you need help figuring this out just go to and type in the following "20% of ". So you would then send me a paypal payment for the amount you want PLUS 20% of that.

There really aren't many people who would be willing to do this, so I'm taking a substantial risk; hence the higher fees.

I CAN do credit card funded paypal payments, but only by special request. You will have to provide me with the following pieces of information before I will accept your business.

I will need the following (besides the obvious credit card info):

1) Your credit card company's toll free phone number
2) A scanned copy of a national ID card (ie. Driver's License, Passport) that matches the info on your credit card obviously - don't try any funny business! :)

No I will NOT steal your personal info! I only require this so as to make the transaction safe for both of us. You will find that I am an honest man who doesn't really need to rip you off to survive. There are almost no major exchangers that will accept paypal payments, and I don't blame them; PayPal is risky! I'm willing to bear this risk provided that I can trust you.

Trusted & frequent purchasers get a %5 discount!

I define a frequent purchaser as someone who performs more than 5 transactions per month. Thus, such a person would pay a transaction fee of only %15

Direct all business inquiries at:

*stay tuned as eventually I will have a website where you can automatically purchase e-currencies via paypal - and the fees will be lower since I won't have to do as much work*

Life-Holdings update: no more referral commissions

Hello dear readers. Some of you may be invested in Life-Holdings (one of my recommended programs - see my high yield investment section on the right of this website), so this update is directed at you - pay attention! :)

Life-Holdings is no longer offering a 5% referral commission!!

Frankly, I don't much care if referral commission are no longer being offered as I never tried to promote this investment program just for the referrals. My attitude is that if you're fortunate enough to come across the program, good, if not, too bad :)

I just might get my $300 back :)) - ClubFX-Trader update

From the program's admin:

"Hi all,

Ok, this is the recovery plan. I have secured enough money to make a start, it will take a few days to get it to trade but that's not a problem.

1. I will be trading with the money I borrowed and paying members back on a monthly basis.

2. Nothing is guaranteed, I am doing this because I value my good name more than your e-gold and The risk is all on me.

3. I am using my own assets to secure the funds. I don't have to do this, we were genuinly hacked and I have an e-gold account to prove it, and letters to and from e-gold etc.

4. Once I start re-paying everyone I will not tollerate this kind of abuse. Conciliator, that especially includes you.

5. Any decisions that I make are mine to make since I am using my own assets to help you get your e-gold back.

6. I have closed the site e-mail, I don't appreciate hate mail at a time like this. Those that sent hate mail can forget about getting anything back.

7. I will be aiming to give everyone a portion of the amount they deposited each month till the whole amount has been settled, I do not guarantee any profits but if things go well... well, we'll see.

8. If I recover any of the stolen funds it becomes mine, including (if there is enough recovered) any profits associated. However I do not believe at this time that there is any hope of recovering anything.

I will restore an email for the members to use to contact me once everyone has calmed down a little.

When the e-gold situation first broke out I had a flury of e-mails saying that we should look for an alternative, since I trade on more than one platform it is not too difficult for me to move funds from one to the other, however one is e-gold and the other is not, (and there is very little in that account. So to move the money from the e-gold platform i needed to first put it in e-gold then send it by wire through Omnipay. That's not too hard to see, I did it before without any problems if you can remember when we moved from Marketiva. also I told everyone after the fact, even a little common sense says don't tell anyone you're moving money, before we got hacked members were saying get out of e-gold, now that we have been hacked members are saying why did you do it...!!! Well I did it because of the situation with e-gold. It was a prudent thing to do at the time.

Why did I do it all at once? well if you think back and try to remember, there was a sense of urgency at the time with the e-gold situation, You probably would have done the same thing under the same circumstances.

Why haven't I posted any more proof af what happened? well I was giving anyone who asked all the proof that I had, including letters to and from e-gold, screenshots of the e-gold account etc and still I was getting shot down, if the correspondence from e-gold and screen shots were not enough then nothing will be, The dogs were out to get me and nothing was going to stop them. So why bother.

The way I am working it now everyone will get their money back and I'll be able to sleep at night, even tho' I know I could still have a clear concience even if I don't do this... we were hacked, I never stole anyones money.

I'm sticking my neck out here, I'm not asking for gratitud, but a little acknowlegment and less tearing my heart out will be helpfull. I've already lost enough and now I'm committing to try make sure that you dont lose also. So to all the winers, wind your neck in, dry your eyes and lets get on with it.


Well, this might take a while, but at least I (and many others) can get my money back - slowly. After this, I don't know if I will ever trust the admin again. Most likely I will be more cautious and make sure I ask the program admin whether he uses windows to make his e-gold transfers, if he does I will refuse to invest!

just a quick update on Take the Internet Back

Well, I am almost close to reaching payout from "Take the Internet Back" :)

Here is proof:


Points number : 435
Mail(s) read : 417

Available money : $15.27
Total amount requested : $0
Amount payed : $0

I know $20 is not a lot but as advertisers bring in more ads and we earn more points, our balances should be growing much quicker.

If you're not yet a member of Take the Internet Back (aka TIB) then just click HERE

May 1, 2007

How to protect yourself when accesing your e-currency accounts

Good :) I know some of you are victims of e-gold theft. Getting your account hacked is not cool at all. I know some people who have lost thousands! My account was hacked a while back (year or so), but thanks fully I did not leave much idle gold in the account (like $20) so I did not lose a lot, but still, a loss is a loss. Since there I have learned my lesson, and now I'd like to give you all some advice on how to keep hackers out of your e-gold account (or e-bullion and other such currencies too).

What I am going to recommend is going to go beyond the standard "have an anti-virus program and anti-spyware software". Simply having an anti-virus program is good, but still it doesn't provide the ultimate in protection. The problem is this: Windows is insecure! Once you realize that you might appreciate what I'm about to suggest.

So here it goes, I am going to show you folks a very good method of securely accessing your e-currency accounts. It involves ditching Windows and using a more secure platform.

1: Go to and download a copy of Ubuntu's Desktop Linux Distribution

2: Once you've downloaded a copy of the ISO (cd image file) use your favorite CD burning application to burn a copy of the image to a blank CD.

3: Pop the CD in the drive and make sure boot from the CD-ROM drive (some of you may have to change a setting in the BIOS to do this - if you don't know what a BIOS is then don't worry about this step, just pop the CD in and hope it will ask you to "press any key to boot from the CD-ROM drive")

4: At this point the Ubuntu Linux CD will start to load and it will display a progress bar. Once the loading process is complete you will be presented with a beautiful desktop.

5: Congratulations, you now have a fully functional Linux operating system running off the CD-ROM drive! You can open up firefox and other applications from the friendly "start menu" at the top left-side of the screen

6: Use Firefox to log into your e-currency account and do your usual business

7: Once you are done with your business simply restart the computer and eject the CD

8: That's it!

Wasn't that easy? Now this is a great method, but I would suggest actually installing Ubuntu to the hard drive of spare machine and use that computer as your "secure transactions" workstation.

To install Ubuntu all you have to do is when the CD is done loading and you're at the desktop, just click on the "Install" icon located on the desktop at the center left side, and then follow the instructions and you should be all set.

Also, please, please, for your own safety, SET A SECURE PASSWORD - ONE THAT IS OF SUFFICIENT COMPLEXITY AND LENGTH AS TO NOT BE EASILY GUESSED! AND ALWAYS USE THE E-GOLD SRK feature (read more about it on e-gold's website)

That's all, I hope this has been an informative post for you and I'll see you next time.

Alan out!

ClubFX-Trader got hacked! e-gold account emptied by hacker!

This is *bleep*'ing unbelievable! I just lost $300 from this! I am no longer recommending this program due to serious incompetence on the part of the admin (maybe outright theft!).


Very very bad news
Hi all,

I have some very very bad news…

because of what is happening with e-gold i decided to take the advice of some of the members and move the trading from an e-gold based platform to a dollar one and start to accept deposits by bank wire (in spite of the delays etc).

Well I moved the funds to e-gold and was in the process of transferring them to another trading platform when we got severely hacked. I have personaly lost about one and a half times the members funds all put together. I feel sick, I don’t know how they accessed the e-gold account, It should have at least sent me a pin number but it never did.

I am stunned… I don’t know what to say to you, or what to do. I can’t believe that someone can be so evil and do something like that.

I never told anyone yet that I was moving platforms and transfering the funds (for obvious security reasons). I cant believe it… why cant they leave us alone to do something good. Why take it all, They emptied the whole account, my God, is this world so evil.

I am terribly sorry for all the pain this is going to cause the members. No one lost any money with my trading, i even paid members who’s account was hacked the first time, so why must they steal it.

I don’t understand it, we are doing a good thing, why steal it from us. My heart is heavy and I don’t know what to say.

I will e-mail copies of the transactions from e-gold so that every one can see I’m telling the truth, I am deeply deeply sorry, for all of us.

I am still here if anyone would like to talk to me, i am not going anywhere, you can e-mail me or talk to me at goldentalk. I’ll leave the site up so that you can contact me from there if you wish.

I will send screenshots of the e-gold account to anyone who wants to see them, for you to see the transactions. I have written to e-gold and told them, but i’m not very hopefull because of their one way policy.

I am very very sorry, for you and my own loss which right now is too much for me to comprehend. This is the last straw. I am going to sit on the beach now and try to make some sence of this. I’m sorry.