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May 8, 2007

Update on AdBux

While browsing around I found a video review of AdBux made by a popular blogger in the online money making community. The reviewer maintains a positive attitude about AdBux and he says that AdBux is not a scam. Well, check out his review for yourself below:

Below is a copy and paste of his blog post (I hope the author doesn't mind - btw, you can find his blog website here: )

"Recently, there has been a reader that has posted the question about Adbux being fraudulent in their activities both towards their users as well as it's a scam overall since it was made by the same person that made His name according to this reader is Chad French and he is indeed a scam artist.

Before I go into the specifics, we really have to remember that with companies like Adbux we are literally surfing for pennies! Yes, they are free but then they are pennies! As I have recommended before, these penny surfing companies should be taken with a grain of salt and should not be anyone's primary source of income for obvious reasons. To go into the specifics of whether Adbux is just money making scam, let's break it down into a few points.

Is it a huge scam that's about to explode? I thought it be a good chance to provide my readers with a review about Adbux as a company. There are three concerns posted by the reader:

1. It scams users from their payment
2. It uses similar techniques as
3. There's no way for Adbux themselvs to generate income through their operations was registered with a host called Dreamhost, a web hosting company that is located in CA in the middle of April of this year. Looking at Dreamhost from the size of their web site as well as their offerings in web hosts, it is considerably cheap in comparison with its competitors. The service aside, it certainly fits into the category which Adbux would fall under. To put it in simple terms, a small intial budgetd company.

When a small budgetd company provides payment could be proven to be a lot more difficult. Since Adbux has a total membership of 40k members, withj a small staff which operates the company this could mean a simple payout can take sometime to process anything period and you should not be surprised. The main point here is that although there's a three day delay in most payments, they still PAY!

Adbux is NOT like Netbux. is in actuality a lotto web site. It essentially targets two different niches, I have explained it extensively in my video but the operation from Netbux seems a bit larger scale due to its open advertisement to potential advertisers where as Adbux utilizes advertising companies such as Adengage which is a company similar with Adsense type advertisements. Again, we see some difference here as well.

Whether Adbux can sustain themselves or not through their ad campaign, to me this is a very hard and touchy topic. Sure they do not charge a high fee for advertisers to display their ads, but there are few things to keep in mind. We do assume that Adbux members do not surf these ads themselves as well as these ads are not directly from Adbux members themselves. This area can get pretty tricky for advertisers themselves, but as surfer ourselves since we are not putting in any money there's really nothing we can really lose out here.

From the evidence that I can see or tell, I find no signs of scam for web surfers going into Adbux. However, as the sky is looking blue anything can always change overnight. What I feel should be the center of attention for users is to use Adbux with a grain of salt. Focusing on the big money such as writing articles for web sites and etc. Having income from Adbux is always great as extra, but don't put your whole life around it and put your eyes on where the big money is at!"

----end of quote ---

I'm going to refrain from 100% recommending AdBux, but I'd encourage you to give them a try and see for yourself. I am still waiting to make payout, so I will update you folks when and if I get paid.

Here is a direct link to join if you'd like:


Anonymous said...

AdBux is a scam. They finally admitted Chad French owns it when the proof of Florida business record was shown to them. AdBux Scam

Alan V said...

lol..ok ok, we got the message :)