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May 25, 2007

Infinityshares : Invite only

Infinityshares turned into an “invite only” trading site ASAP without prior notice. Minimum join fee has been increased from 2 shares to 20 shares(Currently valued 100$, but it varies)

New members can only join when invited by current members and if the admins accept you, you will be required to buy a minimum of 20 shares.

Currently we are still allowed to discuss the program, but it’s possible that in the future this will change as well.

The goal of IS is to become a legal independant business. This can only be achieved by turning into a European forex trading club(The only version of a pool that is in fact legal by law)

New payprocessors will be added soon, so people will be able to fund their accounts again and withdraw through other ways than e-gold.

Be ready for more drastic changes which eventually will cause IS to completely vanish from the hyip world, a world full of ponzi’s that are doomed to fade into thin air.

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