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Jul 15, 2007

e-Pay: obtain a Mastercard debit card, virtual credit card & reloadable virtual card

Here is aother useful financial tool called e-Pay. e-Pay offers you a MasterCard Debit Card, Virtual Credit Card, and a Reloadable Virtual Card - as part of their e-currency

This would likely suit all comers, including those
in the USA.

The card can be loaded via bank transfer, e-gold,
pecunix and 1mdc.

They also offer a number of innovative services to
make your online financial life easier. One such example
is that you get a merchant account which allows you to receive payments
from anybody in the world.

I have an account with them, but have not obtained
the debit card at this stage. Also, if you're wondering, yes this program DOES have an affiliate program.

Click HERE For more info

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