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Jul 16, 2007

I am having conflicting feelings about AdBux: SCAM or NOT?

Hi everyone. I'm starting to have conflicting feelings about AdBux. Someone posted a comment on my blog with a link to this website:

At the time that I signed up for AdBux and did research on it I did not come across any info that lead me to believe that it was a scam. The thing is, after I signed up I basically stopped researching it and tried to click my way to payout to see if they really pay or not. Now that I've come across the info provide at the above website, I am not really sure what to believe any more. If the analysis on the above website is correct, then AdBux is a ponzi scam. I must admit that I suspected something was fishy once they started to offer "paid referrals".

Well, I'd like to get some more opinions. What do you people think? AdBux, SCAM or NOT?

**note until I know for sure whether AdBux is a scam or not, I will remove my affiliate links, as I don't want to be promoting a pozi scam (in fact, I absolutely abhor, detest, and hate ponzi scams and the people who run them)**

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