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Aug 5, 2007

Review: Bidvertiser

Hello everyone. Today I am going to briefly review a very popular google AdSense/AdWords like company called Bidvertiser.

First let's look at the Advertiser portion of Bidvertiser's offering:

You'll probably be spending most of your time as an Advertiser in what Bidvertiser calls the" Ads Center". The first thing you have in the Ads Center interface is the "Ads Manager" sub-interface. The Ad Manager allows you to do the following:

  • Set Bids - view your current selected categories/sites and their associated max bids.
  • Edit Sites - Edit your categories/sites selection for your ad.
  • Edit Ad - change your ad title, description and URL.
  • Geo Targeting - Display your ads only to users from country or countries you select.
  • Delete Ad - delete an ad and permanently stop it from displaying.
  • Pause - temporarily stop an ad from displaying.
  • Resume - resume displaying a paused ad.
  • Daily Cap - set the maximum daily spending for an ad.
Next you have "Add New Add" which is self-explanatory. Then you have "Daily Budget. By setting your Daily Budget, you can control your costs. BidVertiser displays your ads as often as possible while staying within your Daily Budget. When the limit is reached, your ads will stop showing for that day. You may change your Daily Budget as often as you like.

Last but not least is "Performance Tracker". The BidVertiser Performance Tracker allows you to count how many of the clicks we are sending to your website are converting to sales, signups, leads or any other user behavior you deem valuable. This valuable information will help you identify how effective are your ads and categories/sites you have selected.

Of course there are other critical sections of the interface that for the sake of brevity I cannot go into, but suffice it to say that all your needs will be met. I have been advertising on the Bidvertiser network for a while now and so far I have never had a need that could not be satisfied.

Now, let's look at the section for Publishers:

The publishers interface is simple and effective. It has three subcategories: Add New Bidvertiser (obvious one), Template Design, and Ads Status. Now you may be wondering how much money you can make by being a Publisher. That all depends on many variables. The first variable is the perceived value of your website's chosen category (when you add a new publisher zone you will be forced to categorize your website). Categories such as "Casino & Gambling" are obviously of higher value because of increased market competition. Advertisers compete to have their ads be displayed on your site and therefore drive up the CPC (cost per click). I've noticed that some categories have a suggested minimum cost per click of $1 and more. In other words, you can make a lot of money if your site generates lots of hits.

One of Bidvertiser's great selling points is that you can finely tune the type of visitors you want to your site or the type of ads you want to be displayed on your site. Let's say you're an Advertiser and your site is about computer hardware reviews. Ok, well, what you want to do then is publish to websites that are related to your specific market niche. On the other hand if you're a Publisher what you'd want to do is make sure you categorize your site properly so that Advertisers can display relevant content on your site.

Unlike google, Bidvertiser does not maintain two websites with different names (ie AdSense & AdWords), instead they have one encompassing interface which gives you the ability to use Bidvertiser as either a Publisher or as an Advertiser.

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Best of luck to you all and I hope this post was useful to you.

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