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Aug 31, 2007

c-gold website is now available via secure http only

I thought I should let all you e-currency aficionados know that the c-gold (commerce gold - a new e-currency backed 100% by gold deposits)website is now available via secure http only (https://). I really don't understand why they couldn't just forward http requests directly to the secure http port if security is such a concern. In my opinion it would be better if they let consumers chose for themselves the level of security they want to have. But still, even if they want everyone to forcibly load every page via encrypted http they should at least put up a notice on their non encrypted http server to let us all know. Instead all you will get when you load the website via regular http is "unable to connect". Basically what they've done is turn off port 80 on their web servers completely and left only port 443.

I hope my complaint gets noticed by the c-gold administrative staff and that someone is able to provide some sort of rationale for this decision. By the way, not even e-gold has done this or any other e-currency that I know of. None of them force you to load all the html pages on their website via an encrypted connection only.


Tdinoz said...

They have been experiencing ddos attack like most others this week including v-money , pecunix & e-gold

c-gold posted this in few places

Alan V said...

hmm..interesting..thanks for the comment tdinoz. I did not know about this at all. Do you know where I can find these posts?

Alan V said...

Ok I see that they now forward all http requests to their secure server. Good job c-gold for taking up my suggestion :)