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Aug 3, 2007

Update from PPREI admin

Here is the latest word from the main administrator of PPREI. If you've visited their site and noticed that it was offline, well here is the explanation:


How are you?

You may notice that the PPREI site has been unavailable. This is because we are updating to the new site. Unfortunately we have to manually move over all invested amounts as the 2 sites are not compatible and as such we cannot move the details from the old site to the new site automatically.

This being said, please watch for the new site and a new email once it is online by the first part of next week (I am shooting for Tuesday).

As for those that have previously been paying monthly into the Early Bird plan.......We will now be accepting wires directly to us as well as Ebullion and PayPal. More details on how the move from FriendlyPay to these will work next week.

Thank you kindly

Invest in your future!"

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