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Aug 21, 2007

I am thinking of moving this blog to WordPress

Hello my dear readers. Lately I have been contemplating moving my blog to a dedicated host and using the WordPress blogging platform. I am still in the process of learning WordPress and getting my test blog to look like this one. Hopefully soon I will have everything done and you'll all be able to bow down to my elite blogging skills. That was a joke btw :)...Take care everyone.


The Gatekeeper said...

I heard WordPress is the way to go but I'm too afraid to transfer. I always think that I'm going to lose all my links etc. plus how does one get your page rank back? Let us know how it goes. Nice blog btw.

Alan V said...

Yes, I like WordPress quite a lot too. As far as transfering things over I haven't done it yet, so I hope that I don't lose my links and everything. I am pretty sure this wouldn't happen otherwise why would the WordPress developers implement that feature anyways. About the page rank, well, with blogger atleast you can forward this blog address to your new one, so it would be as if you never moved. Then you can work on adding your new address to search engines and building your page rank.

I'll let everyone know how the transfer went once I find the right theme for my new WordPress blog.

Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading my blog :)

Alan V said... appears I was can't just "forward" your blogspot blog to another address. It appears that you can purchase/redirect a domain to your blogspot address but in either case you have to use blogspot's DNS server.