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Aug 9, 2007

Legisi hits the wall, e-gold accounts seized

A very popular online investment club called "Legisi" has just "hit the wall". Check out this post from the No BS HYIP Blog for further information.

Okay guys, this is it.

Legisi had most of their e-gold seized on April 2007 *before* they went private.

Greg lied to his investors, he told them nothing and still accepted their money while going private. For those hoping to get their hard earned cash out of Legisi. Tough luck, you wont.

Total amount seized - over $1.7 MILLION dollars.

I knew it. Legisi was too good to be true. How many more of these scammers have to show up, before people learn their lesson?

Sources : Talkgold, Cattyshaq, Clifton

For more detailed info you might also want to check out the following links:

Federal District Court Filings & Dockets

Also check out this post on the website (post 39 in the Legisi thread)

Here is some particularly damning wording court case documents:

The transaction history shows that, while there were some payments out to investors (generally in the tens to hundreds of dollars), the vast majority of funds were simply taken out of the account for use by McKnight.

Approximately 5440.90856 grams ($3,443,852.80) was exchanged out for national currency through Omnipay orThe Bullion Exchange. Another e-gold account, number 2828872 in the name of “LIDO Consulting LLC” and also controlled by McKnight, received 892.133009 grams ($550,000) from account 2636005.
Not cool at all. The moral of the story should be obvious to all.

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