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Aug 25, 2007

Solution to get your e-gold account unblocked

I just came across this very useful post on the NoBSNetwork Forum.

Over the last 1-2 days there have been a huge number of e-gold accounts being blocked. We believe they may be blocking accounts that they feel are involved in money laundering or illegal activity. They may also be blocking accounts that they feel have the wrong personal contact information associated with them. Here is a copy of an email E-gold will send you with the reason of the block:
Your account has been blocked under our Rights of Association clause in the
account user agreement.
Quoting from the e-gold Account User Agreement:
Terms of Use
— begin quote
4.6. Right of Association
Issuer reserves the right to refuse service to particular individuals or
entities, at its sole discretion, with or without cause.
— end quote
There are people who have done nothing wrong, and now have thousands of dollars in e-currency locked in their accounts. Luckily E-gold promises to resolve the issue and unblock accounts as long as you send them information to verify your contact details in your account. Here is the email you will most likely get if you contact support about an account being blocked:
In order for us to assist you with the block we will need due
documents. Please mail (or preferably, use a courier service such as
Fed Ex
or DHL) original notarized copies of all of the following information:
a) A signed and notarized affidavit listing: Name, address, and
number for the owner of e-gold account 4470514
b) Copy of a telephone or utility bill that has the same address stated
item A.
c) Notarized copy of Passport or Driver’s license for the account
Addressed to:
175 East Nasa Blvd.
Suite 300
Melbourne, FL 32901
Attn: Due Diligence Unit
Please include a copy of all email correspondence on this matter with
due diligence documents.
Thank You,
e-gold Service

So, please make sure you have correct information in your e-gold profile, and if you don't now is the time to correct it.

That's all for now. Take care.

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