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Jul 25, 2007

Highest interest rate savings account available in Canada

I bring good news to all you Canadian savers. ICICI Bank Canada has just increased the interest rate on their CAD Savings Account to 4.50% ! This is the highest interest rate savings account available in Canada. Their USD savings rate is not so bad either - 5.0%!

It might interest you to know that this savings account has no minimum requirement and no fees are charged. Also you can link up to 3 external bank accounts to your ICICI savings account. Along with these benifts you can rest assured that your money is safe as ICICI Bank Canada is fully insured by the CDIC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Now for something that is even better. I can provide 25 lucky people with a personal invitation to open a savings account and ICICI will give you $20 FREE. The only requirement is that you open your account with an initial deposit of $100 or more (CAD or USD, it doesn't matter).

To receive your FREE $20 bonus for opening and account, I'm going to ask you to provide me with the following info:

Title (Mr,Miss,etc)
First & Last Name
E-Mail Address
Phone Number

you can e-mail me this info at allinvain at and I'll make sure an ICICI Bank Canada representative calls you to provide you with instructions on how to open up an account.

It's that easy! I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S As I said, only 25 of you will be able to get the $20 bonus so act now.

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