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May 20, 2007

Life Holdings is up 3% this week :))

Quote from Admin's mass e-mail:


No returns posted in the forum all week. I hope this didn’t scare some of you :-) It shouldn’t have, I was available all week, working and answering your e-mails and requests. Again I didn’t take any days off. Too much action going on and I couldn’t bare staying away Wink

Today (Friday) was a very good day. Jude (NN) kept me company over instant messenger for several hours. A little bit of chit-chat as usual then we shared some trading thoughts and opinions. By the end of the day we both booked well over 100 pips profit…SWEET! 8-)

3.00% net profit for investors this week!
E-gold and e-Bullion profit payments have been executed; check your e-currency account to verify yours!

Life Holdings Forum: May 19th Update.
Another Betfair screenshots thread.
Betfair session - May 16th
Betfair session - May 17th
Betfair session - May 19th

Nothing else to update this week. That’s all for now, I wish you a good weekend! :-)

Dan (OptimusLH)
Life Holdings Management"

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