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Apr 29, 2007

Infinity-Shares: Update from the program administrators

To those of you who are invested in Infinity-Shares, please read this important info pasted below. The admins have sent an e-mail to all the program members so you should also get an e-mail copy of what I've just pasted here. To those of you who aren't members of Infinity-Shares, you're missing out on a great and genuine opportunity. I have a link you can use to join on the right hand side of my blog under the rubric "High Yield Investments".

Here is the update from Infinity-Shares:

"Good Day, After 2 weeks of searching, we found an alternative broker that we feel covers our trading needs. Our new broker is HMS, which is also based in Lux, making our transition from Internaxx a lot easier and faster. Paperwork will be done on Monday, applications, bank wires and other required materials. Of course once everything is approved, we will allow a few people to audit the new account to verify that everything is there.

We expect to resume trading as soon as all of the requirements are met and things are looking up for IS so far.

Concerning the E-gold situation, we have around 10% of total IS capital in e-gold, but we will be reducing that down to 2% this Monday to ensure the safety of the funds. The 2% left online will be maintained to cover short-term withdrawals and from our point of view is an acceptable risk to deal with rather than go through the process of exchanging small amounts back and forth between accounts.

Pet Project Photos will also be posted in the forum within the week. Chris’ father is slowly improving, and will be (hopefully) out of the hospital in 2 weeks. Some good news at least.

Steven, Stijn and Xtian


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