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Jun 24, 2007

Update from Life-Holdings Admin - IMPORTANT! Read it if you're in the program.



I apologize for the late update.

Let me answer your questions and let's get rid of the recent rumors, for the sake of our mental sanity.

Profit payments and the process of cashing out members - on request or by my choice - are being delayed because of some problems at my bank. The center of the problems is my main Bank itself. Receiving five figure wire transfers every week or two from Betfair and sending the money out of the country to multiple e-currency exchangers is a strange routine. After investigating my regular transfers, my bank found out about E-gold and the problems 'associated' with it, and since then they have imposed a limit on my activity according to their anti-money laundering rules.
*Mind you, most bank employees earn $6,000 - $12,000 a year around here. Transferring those amounts weekly DOES raise an eye bro or two.

My decision is to reduce the number of wire transfers I have to perform, and in turn I am changing the payment schedule from Weekly payments to Monthly payments effective immediately. No payments will be made in June, so I will have announce the date for the first monthly payment in July soon; I do not know the exact date yet.

For all you rumor mongers, you should stop spreading lies and panic yourself, or others. There's no point in doing that.

The new payment schedule is a good change which I should have made even earlier. It will take take time for some to get used with it; I know others breathe relieved because it's something they've been expecting for some time now.

Dan (OptimusLH)
Life Holdings Management (

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