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Jun 14, 2007 - AdBux clone

Hmm..I just happened to be reviewing some websites and came across a banner. Curious as I always am, I clicked on it and noticed that the site looked 100% like Adbux's. I am very skpetical about this one, but I registered anyways out of curiosity. I'm going to be testing it out to see if they pay or whether is a scam.

If you want to help me out here and you have more time to kill then me, register under me and once you reach the minimum payout ($10) give me a shout at allinvain6 at and I'll make a post over here letting everyone know that the site pays or doesn't pay.

Here is the referral link:

--update-- I've noticed that their site is really unstable. I'm getting constant "max database user connections" errors :(...what can I say, this doesn't speak well for their site.


Anonymous said...

Adbux is a scam. They finally admitted Chad French of owns it after confronted with proof of the Florida state business record. Adbux Scam

Alan V said...

Hmm..interesting. I will post a link to your site on my blog and let my readers decide what to think of it.

EzRich said...

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