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Jun 10, 2007

Life Holdings is up 1.80% this week

Life Holdings is up 1.80% this week as Dan explains on LH forum,


I am not in the mood to write a long update explaining everything that happened this week. I was asked to drop by at my bank’s branch to explain and verify some details regarding two wire transfers I ordered (purchase of E-bullion for payments). After cutting down on all the small details: with E-gold fears (or the way the bank manager put it: “ongoing troubles in the e-currency business”) more and more exchangers are putting their services on-hold until a clear image of what is going to happen next will be available. That makes it a ton harder for me to keep up with my well known always on time weekly payments. I have been struggling to keep up and I have to tell you that from now on, if it is not possible, don’t get your freak on if payments will be made with small delays.

If dead on time payments are not possible because of external issues, I will not continue to struggle like a mad man until I crack or I get into problems with my bank like I did this week.

I will always update during the week if something comes up and changes the standard Friday-Saturday weekly payment schedule.

I didn’t have any time to trade FOREX this week but the profit I made in the two days I managed to play at Betfair is still acceptable.
I couldn’t buy enough gold this week so I had to withdraw funds our FOREX accounts to make all payments this week.

1.80% net profit for investors this week!
e-Bullion profit payments have been executed; check your e-currency account to verify yours!
E-gold profit payments - almost done!
Mail server is down - when it comes back up the updates will be sent.



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