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Sep 2, 2007

PPREI (Paradise Properties Real Estate Investments) is back

Everyone who has expressed an interest in PPREI should check out this e-mail I've received from the admin. It discusses some very important information that both existing and potentially new members should know.

--begin quote--

It has been a long haul to get the new PPREI site up and running, but we are finally there :)

The truth is, the site was ready a few months back and we were about to launch it but then we heard about rumors at FriendlyPay so we held off. FriendlyPay then stopped processing transactions. At this time we decided to no longer accept FriendlyPay. FriendlyPays payment system was heavily integrated into our new back end script which took a long time to do as it is not the easiest to work with (however it is very secure). So we had to change all the code for the script and re-do the site. That is why the long delay.

Now what......Well we have decided to no longer use an Escrow provider as we still do not know what is happening with FriendlyPay, and to have money tied up in any Escrow payment system is crazy. We are now using PayPal, Ebullion and Wire.

Why these options?

Simple.....PayPal has been around for a very long time and we have checked to make sure they allow Real Estate payments and our service (which they do). Ebullion has also been around for a long time and is located out of the USA or Canada so it shouldn't suffer the same problems that Egold is having plus it is a very secure site. Wire transfer, this is the easiest way to transfer money to us as you can wire it directly to us.

PPREI was built with safe payments (Escrow Payments) however with the loss we may face with FriendlyPay we can not allow that to happen again. Everyone that invested using the Escrow system, your money is still invested with us. Even though we may never get that money out, it is still invested with us as that was our promise that your funds would be safe.

For those that do not feel comfortable moving forward using these new payment options we will provide a refund back through how you paid. We will simply cancel your Escrow Payment(s) you made with us through FriendlyPay and you can try to get your money back out. Or you can leave it invested with us and if FriendlyPay doesn't come back then we will be the ones to take the loss as you have already invested the money with us.

Those of you that have invested into the Early Bird plan on the old site please go to the PLANS page and you will see a plan named OLD EARLY BIRD PLAN. You must use that plan to continue investing your monthly payment until the entire 24 payments have been paid (payments from FriendlyPay plus the new payments).

We wish to thank each of you for your patience with us while we changed our site. Without you PPREI would not exist.

Invest in your future.

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